From Confusion & Frustration to Clarity & Confidence in Every Area of Your Life

Ready to feel excited and energized, fulfilled in every area of life and experiencing  greater satisfaction being purposeful & productive?

How? Welcome to the World's most Empowering and Precise Personality Profile & Coaching Methodology.

Clients say this was the missing piece in their lives! Discover which Academy Course with Your Personality Profile fits your situation.

The strain of these past years might have taken its toll

You might be having more "bad days" than you are used too. Taking a closer look, you see yourself going from slight discomfort to total disconnection. 

With Yourself

Some days you feel you don't know who you are anymore. You are confused about what you really want and maybe annoyed with yourself that you are wasting time, getting distracting and seemingly putting your life on hold. Self doubt & inaction drain you. 

About Your Energy

The idea of more hard work and determination wear you out. You are worried that if you push yourself too much, you might break or burnout. You have let fear and anxiety take over. It's unpleasant. 

In Your Relationships 

Those around you (or you) are afraid of change. No one wants to rock the boat. You have a lot on your plate and are often stretched too thin. You feel you are compromising your career for family, or even vice versa! 

At Work

You might have outgrown what you are doing but you're stuck in the fear of leaving something you worked for. Something has to shift, but what? Your work suffers because of your overall dissatisfaction and lack of concentration. You desire more & better.

Better You. Better Life.

It can be tough to adapt and grow in an ever changing world unless you know "your way" to be.  Sure, it takes time. Yes, it can be fun! This is NOT about working on yourself. Here You Play all out with Your Personality.

Get to Know the Real You!

Free to be You! Free from nagging fears as well as your self or socially imposed limitations.
Empowered! No matter what goes on in the outside world, living your greatest potential.
Focused on doing more of what matters to you for happiness, health and fulfillment.


Meet The Personality & Needs Profile®

Contrary to most self improvement processes that suggest to work on yourself, here at the Your Life Your Way Academy, you Play with Your Personality.  Play is fun & the funnest thing is being you.

- It is NOT about pretending to be someone you aren't like in theater.
- It is NOT about just being silly or using "play" as a diversion.
- It IS about being curious to experience the more you have inside.
- It IS about knowing what it is like to be you and expressing that!

How? Once you get your 20 page Personality Profile, read the descriptions and watch the personalized videos, you begin to feel so light and free. You see life with a fresh perspective.
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You can get Your Personality Profile in a variety of Courses & Coaching

Be the Best You. The Real You.

Imagine life if you were crystal clear, totally confident & full of energy... always and everywhere!
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Clarity & Confidence

To have the vision & direction so you fully trust in yourself and your
innate knowing. To pursue your dreams and desires with joy!

Love & Harmony

To give the best version of yourself to everyone! To notice how your sense of calm and inner peace create harmony all around you.

Great Decisions

To feel balanced, mentally and emotionally, allowing you to make the best decisions for how to dedicate your time.

Success on Your Terms

To believe in yourself so, if needed, you pivot into something more fulfilling and flourish thanks to owning your gifts and talents.

3 Simple Steps to more Happiness & Success

Step One
Get Your Personality Profile

Fast, fun & highly effective DIY Options with Monthly Workshops, DIY Courses or One on One Coaching each including Life Changing Masterclass Trainings.

Step Two
Gain Clarity & Confidence

Guided by Diana you walk through your unique Personality Profile to step fully into who you are in your greatest potential exponentially increasing your clarity, confidence and energy. 

Step Three
Live with Energy & Vitality

Fulfilling your innate Personality Needs, you feel great about yourself, you create the life, the impact & the success that you truly desire! And all "Your Way".

As Seen & Heard On around the World

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Our leading edge Methodology has been featured in over 200 media channels in the past 10 years. We are here to evolve the Coaching & Training Industry as well as Education Systems so individuals have clear answers about who they are and why they are here.
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Hi, I'm Diana Dentinger

Welcome the Academy and thanks for stopping by.

So you get to know something about me, how about a brief rundown on my over 30 years experience as a Leader in the Personal & Professional Development Industry:

  • Coaching & Training since 1989 (yes, I am over 60).
  • Psychosomatic Illness therapist since 2004
  • Best Selling Author & International Speaker
  • Creator the Personality & Needs Profile®
  • Founder of Your Life Your Way Academy
  • Awarded Top 100 Women Achievers of 2018

Here's the personal scoop. I grew up in a huge, midwestern USA family, with over 250 relatives and realized at a young age that every person had their own set of talents & issues. This "people filled" environment sparked my interest to understand what made each person unique.

In 1980, I received a scholarship to Miami University to study medicine but after a year understood that I was not interested in fixing illnesses.

I yearned to help people be happier with themselves, get along with others (since my parents didn't) and become who they are meant to be. Even though I graduated in 1984 with a degree in Business & Marketing, my preferences tended towards Human Resources.

Moving to Europe in 1984 after graduation, I became an Entrepreneur in Germany offering a wide variety of serviced to Americans abroad, then subsequently became a Corporate Trainer & Team Building Specialist in Italy from 1989 on to now.

Fast forward: during each of my 4 pregnancies I was able to slow down and research more about Unique Individual Programming, Human Potential and take part in high level Energetic & Spiritual work. Reverse engineering my experience as a Psychosomatic illness therapist, in 2004 I created the Personality & Needs Profile® and this revolutionary "biological" Coaching Methodology.

My hundreds of clients in over 20 countries of the world say I know them better than they know themselves. I feel honored and responsible to guide them to be their best. It is thanks to having simplified complex concepts like Personality and put them into a fun, "game board" like process that they all thrive in their life, relationships and career. And you can too!

Click to read about my philosophy in life & coaching.

Everyone deserves more Happiness & Fun

The Academy is on a mission to help you navigate changes and challenges, fulfill your needs successfully and create your unique road map for happiness.

Feel out where you are in life & discover the Course for you

In the first image below you ask yourself how you are feeling: empty, lost, clear but not confident, needing energy or ready for fulfillment.

When you find the description, then see which Course or Membership is the best fit for you in this phase of your life.

We all go through phases. Move through an unpleasant one faster by using your untapped Personality potential.
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Start where you are now & choose a Course


Your Partial Personality Profile of you in the Core 3 Facets plus Masterclass Trainings & LIVE Q&A CALLS.

The BEST YOU in Complete PROFILE $97

Your Complete Personality Profile describing you in all 12 Facets of Personality plus Masterclasses.

Free Quizzes & Resources

Familiarize yourself with this Methodology and discover more about your innate Personality Needs.

Testimonials from People Worldwide

Before Deciding What You Want, Know Who You Are

Diana Dentinger, Awarded Top 100 Women Achievers for 2018 for the Creation of the The Your Life Your Way™ Coaching Methodology
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Best Selling Author of "Modus Vivendi - Your Life Your Way" FOR 7 Days to Self Transformation

Your Best Life starts with becoming the Best You!


It's an Inside Game. Play All Out with your Personality!  

What I know for sure Training & Coaching for over 30 years, serving clients in over 20 countries, is that now more than ever you need personalized tools to help you improve and change.

And the first change is changing into the best version of who you really are!

You deserve to feel successful, joyful, excited, free, expansive, happy, fulfilled as well as do more of what you love. You want to wake up and feel energetic because you love who you are & what you do everyday!

But maybe how you "show up" every day now doesn’t really reflect who you are inside. You might have let life get in the way of your dreams. You might not have been able to course correct when things felt "off". You might want more control of your life.

Possibly these past years you were able to take a “personal inventory” clearing away stuff you didn’t need, completing some projects, and defining what you want your life to look like. You are ready for even more clarity to get the most out of your life.

Behavioral Research shows that the most Effective People are the ones who understand themselves.

The Academy Offerings for the Best Next Steps

The Personality Profile & Methodology get you to the root cause of your dissatisfaction, frustration and confusion so it never comes back! Things shift inside of you so the real you emerges empowered!

Stop Putting Your Life & Happiness on Hold

Reaching your potential is not about dreaming, it’s about "doing more you”.  It does not require hard work.  It requires conscious self awareness!
"This program is astounding. After a 2 Day Intensive with Diana I even got my wife, sister and children coached. Everyone needs Your Life Your Way. Thanks for making it accessible to more people!"
Miguel Ribeiro Ferreira
CEO Fonte Viva, Shark Tank Judge
"Treat yourself to time with Diana and watch magic happen! She has simplified a complex topic and gives you practical and fun ways to integrate and implement what you discover about your true north."
Nancy Allen
CEO Her Company Inc.
"I got more out of 2 days with Diana than in 8 UPW's. I was even involved in the organisation of Robbin's events. This is just what I was looking for in my own Personal and Professional Development.”
Callum Bridgeford-Brice
CEO No. 1 Online Heath Store
Great Britain

What you don't know about Your Personality keeps you from Living a totally Fulfilling Life

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Listen here about the Methodology

"Know thyself" is a phrase that has been around for thousands of years but the tools in the past 150 years say you are only 1 of 8 types. Yet you are SO MUCH MORE! Listen here about Individual Personality Needs. 
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Book Diana as Your Interview Guest

Ready to motivate, inspire and teach your people life changing tools in exciting keynotes, podcast interviews or webinars? Fill out the form on the Speaker page to get in contact with  Diana and access her Media Kit.  
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Begin by taking the Bounce Back Course

Depending on your time commitment, as well as the personal investment you want to make in yourself and your future dreams, there is something for everyone here in the Academy with Starter Course for $47.
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Start today & enrol in The Best You Yet

Our Courses are for you whether you are just curious or if you feel dissatisfied in any area of your life and strive for more. Often the pressure to get ahead in life can be draining and unfortunately your personal life pays the toll.

They Say it... but only We Teach it!

For People of every Age, Profession & Background

There are massive benefits to knowing who you really are! You make better decisions based on your Personality needs, you set your priorities and you manage your time for greater success without the stress and struggle. Better You. Better Life.

Women evolving to create more overall Fulfillment

Empowerment seems to be the key word for women this decade. And many feel this urgent calling to do more of what is meaningful to them in family & community.

Entrepreneurs & Leaders contributing to Society

With the work context changing many are migrating to having their own businesses. Not everyone is "cut out" so hop on a one on one call for personalized suggestions. 

Millennials desiring success on their Terms

As the young adults see that the "old way" of doing things, like just climbing the ladder to success, is going out of style, they want to make better decisions earlier to have the balanced life their parents didn't.

Coaches discovering more Advanced Tools

Here in the Academy we offer Facilitator Certification because most Coaches & Trainers lack an effective Personality Profile. Book a One Hour One on One Session to find out more.

The common thread among our clients is that they know they are so much more than they are being now

Our Mission & Vision

A More Meaningful Life for the Many. We Provide Personal & Professional Development for People of all Ages at Prices accessible to Most. (Life Changing Courses starting at only $47.)

Diana Dentinger

Awarded Top 100 World Women Achievers 2018 called "A Woman of Substance" for her Creation of the Personality & Needs ProfileⓇ & the Your Life Your Way™ Coaching Methodology.

An innovative Change Maker and influential Thought Leader, Diana Dentinger is a Pioneer in spirit, exploring and finding solutions to Human Behaviour issues at work like low performance, lack of motivation and burnout; and for rapid, long lasting Personal Growth like Self Confidence, Realization & Fulfillment. 

As a trendsetter, she differentiates herself from traditional Trainers and Coaches, bringing lightness, play and metaphor creation into Strategic Success Planning as well as profound Science & Spirituality. She has been in the Personal & Professional Development Industry since the end of the 1980's.

Her own proprietary Methodology is fruit of 20 years of rigorous research, study with top European Behaviour Experts and completion of her Education as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic Illnesses.

Living in Europe since 1984, she raises her 4 children in Italy, spends her time creating content for online programs, writing books, inspiring people worldwide and training 21st Century Coaches in the Your Life Your Way™ Methodology.
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Book Diana as a Speaker to Inspire Your People. Click on the image below.

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