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Daily Mantras: 3 Important Reminders so You Unlock the Power of Mantras for Greater Success

Reinforcement in any manner is a powerful tool for changing yourself. Therefore, it’s obvious that incorporating daily success mantras will help you succeed because you repeat them. When you succeed, especially at what you love doing, you feel emotionally so much happier and fulfilled. 
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1. Avoid generic, concept based mantras. 

Remember that success and happiness are also biological. Your brain reacts to consistent stimuli and by having a set of success mantras on a daily basis, instead of negative self talk, you train your brain for success and happiness. Not only your brain, but actually your whole organism. Recent research shows that serotonin, the happiness hormone, is actually released in greater quantities from your intestine than from your brain.

You want to understand though the difference between a short term "happiness high" and long lasting happiness.
You can feel happy because a friend surprises you with a gift, but the intensity of that happy feeling might only last a few days and the chemical "happy" feeling then tapers off. Your "goal" is to feel happy always, whether or not you get things from others (for example the "vanity" likes on social media that give you a surge of happiness hormones).

Mantras, or what many refer to as affirmations, are sayings or phrases that you repeat to yourself. And you will find oodles of pre-packaged lists of "what you should say to yourself" based on what someone else says to themselves. Because that person "has what you also want" then you might be tempted to use their affirmation strategy so you get it too. For those of you with a more spiritual approach, you will also see how many guided mediations there are, again with "someone else telling you where to go". 

Well, if you have experienced the power of your Personality Profile (what we offer here at the Your Life Your Way Academy), you will understand how these generic practices potentially "take you off your life path" because they suggest you do things that other person's way. Personal growth is called "personal" because it is about you as a unique individual. So repeating generic phrases, created by others, has greater risks than you can imagine.

You might ask yourself why so many people are lost or confused despite the over 500,000 self help books on Amazon read by millions of people. My answer is that most of these books have trained you to "imitate" what someone else has done by teaching you to implement their strategy or philosophy to your life. Well, again, following in someone else's footprints, might seem easier since it is a pre-paved path. But in the long run it is harder, because you need to question so many things you have done in your past and re-find your own path. Your ego is not so happy to have made mistakes (even though you might have achieved things you are proud of). This "disconnection" with yourself moving in the direction of your life is accentuated in what we call "midlife" or "identity" crisis.

You want your energy, not someone else's in the mantra. What moves and motivates one person, does not mean it will "work" the same for you. The generic affirmations like "I am enough", "I am worthy", "I believe in myself", "I love myself for who I am",  "Abundance flows to me"  or "Nothing is impossible" are NOT phrases that activate the strong chemical support in your body, nor do they mentally calm you long term.  

Your brain is activated by VERBS of you doing you and IMAGES of you being you. Because of my over 30 years experience in the Personal Development Industry plus being the only Psychosomatic Illness therapist to ingrate the real principles of the brain into Coaching, clients who work with me get a "close to instant" surge of self knowing and reconnection to themselves and life path.

The generic stuff does not give you a clear message of how to be more of yourself. LISTEN BELOW TO A CLIENT'S PERSONAL MANTRA created from the key words of all her innate Talents in each of the 12 Facets of Personality.

2. Write unique mantras about who you are.

How do the principles of the brain tie into Success Mantras? What you say to yourself consciously should reinforce and be coherent with your subconscious, innate knowing. So that means it must be about who you are to really activate your physical body aligned to your emotions, intellect and soul.

From a scientific perspective, words count very little. Because it is not about the words. It is about the image that the words describe. And it is about the emotions and energy you feel when you (most likely subconsciously) see the image while saying the words.

So by repeating a generic mantra or someone else's words about themselves, you are not creating powerful energy. Because the "image" is more important than the words, you are actually creating a "form" (from a holographic perspective) for your dreams and desires to come true in the 3D reality.

If what you say about yourself is not about the real you, the you will feel, in the long term, dissatisfied with yourself.  As the world today has been disrupted it is more important now to really know yourself to be able to "pep talk" yourself through these changing times. 

Listen to a client example of a SUCCESS MANTRA. You can say yours first thing in the morning, last thing at night, during breathing practices or throughout your day. The biggest benefit of saying things to yourself so you tap into your potential. The best mantras are PERSONAL and about how you FULFILLING YOUR NEEDS. When you create mantras based on who you are, speaking about the talents you love to use, they are exponentially more effective. You can feel them so your energy soars! And of course, when you have more energy you apply yourself in actions to attain more of what you desire, whether that be in your personal or professional life.

ABOUT THE PERSONALITY PROFILE: There are 22 Unique Individual Need Categories that represent the 66 Unique Human Talent Themes. So you have your own combination of 7 to 10 innate Talent Themes that really move you emotionally, that speak to your heart and your brain and that really influence your physiology, balance and positive mindset. 

When you repeat a daily Mantra that includes descriptive words about your unique Talent Themes, your whole being remembers who you are. You consciously remind yourself to be your best in every area of life. Too often we are faced with a problem and we forget how to solve it. We forget that we have the answers inside. That is why repeating to  yourself "who you are" makes you more resilient so you hop right into finding solutions that fit. Remember this.

As you know, living happier and gaining success starts with you being you, fulfilling why you are here by doing what you are naturally good at. So despite the many daily distractions, your unique and Personalised Mantra keeps you on track.

Listen to an Example of a Personal Mantra

This was created using the key words from the client's Complete Personality Profile that you can have in the Best You Yet Course. Click the button to find out how.
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There are Key Words that energize & heal you. 

A BIT ABOUT ME: Hi, I’m Diana Dentinger, creator of the Personality & Needs Profile®, and based on my studies as a neuroscience therapist, as well as my experience with thousands of clients in 30 years of Corporate Training, I researched exactly how your biology reacts to mantras made up of your unique Key Word Coding.  

Your biology reacts to both positive and negative key words. So if you didn’t know it, words hurt and words heal, not like we were lead to believe in false nursery rhymes as kids that "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". This is false. Because words activate an image of conflict or an image of solution stored in your middle brain.  So it is an enormously beneficial task to find the words that motivate, heal and are most aligned with you. This is how you maintain your energy, motivation, up your happiness and even your health... because words influence your physiology. Remember, I am a Psychosomatic Illness therapist, specialised in unblocking these illnesses with the power of Key Words for your unique Personality. 

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A Client Example of how words "hurt".

Here’s an example. A client came to me for Family Coaching. Her 9 year old son had the Talent Theme of Communication and in her opinion “he never shut up”. She felt that he was taking up too much of her time telling stories since she also had 2 younger children too.  When I asked her how she could flip her phrases so he felt more empowered she brainstormed solutions to her frustration that would not hurt him.  

Her frequent rant used to be “can’t you be quiet for a minute” and she realised then how inappropriate that was. He ha become blocked, timid and repressed. So instead she began suggesting for him to make a picture of the story or to even use her phone to record himself telling it. That way he could still stay in his flow. He slowly came out of his shell again. 

Just as she had made the "mistake" of suppressing his innate talents, so too have others unconsciously done this to you. You see, unknowingly, your unique Talent Themes have been misunderstood by everyone ever since you were a child. That is why you really need to rewrite, reprogram, remember your unique Talent Themes and repeat them to yourself... because most likely you were never taught "how to be you" and how to "talk positively to yourself". 

So a long story short, with her 4th grade son, the woman recognized his need, accepted that he was being his real self, different from who she was, and then got creative helping him invent different ways to communicate his stories. It was a win-win situation for everyone and especially for the son’s self confidence, not feeling shamed or wrong for simply talking.

In Coaching, I am not really big on digging up all these hurts from the past. You can easily dissolve all the feelings of being misunderstood when you have your Personality Profile and from that write out your Mantra. This Methodology is more about being connected to the real you, living in the present and designing your future and not at all about finding someone to blame for where you are now.  

3. Say your personal mantra out loud.

A final powerful suggestion is that you want to say your Mantras out loud. This is because you use more of your senses when doing so. If you simply repeat them inside your head, your ears won’t hear them, and your mouth won’t speak them. You don’t enter into a learning loop that feeds the phrases more times into your system. By engaging more of your senses, your brain will capture and process the images and emotions of the words quicker.

You wouldn’t want to say them during a meditation practice, because real mediation intends that your mind and brain are quiet. In your heart space where there is no language, just love! Sure, your Personal Mantras increase your self love so recite them before a meditation if you wish to ask for insights on how to use your talents more effectively.  When you are ready to fast track your happiness and success by getting to know yourself in all your innate talents through your unique Personality Profile then the best next step is the BEST YOU YET COURSE

Are you seeing all the advantages yet? This more specific type of positive self-reinforcement really works. People often try the generic Mantras for a couple of days or weeks and then pass them off as not working. Well, that could be true, if they are too generic. It takes about 30 days for any Mantra to start sinking in and shift your biology and energy field towards a more coherent alignment with who you really are. Keep repeating with them daily for even better biological, emotional and mental results.

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Keep yourself clear, confidence & energized daily.

Some of my clients like to use the same long version Mantra as above each day while others will say a small piece of it daily. This is personal so find what words for you. How you decide to do it is not as important as being consistent. That is the key to making Mantra saying work.

You will find people who don’t believe in this and will think you are crazy for trying it. This could be members of your family, friends or coworkers. Don’t let them get you flustered. Using mantras is something that can help your life. You will have the last laugh. One thing you can say to the naysayers is “how can saying mantras and positive things to myself really hurt me”? And to be really blunt, how you spend your time, those few minutes a day, really is none of their business. 

Remember though, that the words you say are more about the image of who you are. So my clients will always draw pictures of them doing who they are. So when they say the Mantra, it activates this moving picture or movie of them being themselves. Words alone are not enough. The image stores the emotions.

For more information about how to create the best, most specific mantras for you, based on who you are enroll in the BEST YOU YET Course for only $97 as it includes your Complete Personality Profile as well as DIY Masterclass Trainings with a proven process to integrate rapidly who you are. You will learn the Mantra Making Process for Maximizing Happiness, Health and Fulfillment. It is well worth the small investment and your time to go through the entire course that can be done in a full Saturday morning. 

Since you realize now that repeating mantras is effective daily, and you want to be consistent as well as maximize your time, then maximize the power of a SUCCESS MANTRA. Create your unique and specific mantras that really speak to your body, mind and soul. Get started in the BEST YOU YET Course and I'll see you there.

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Diana Dentinger

If you meet me in person you will notice I have tons of energy. I have intuitively known my purpose ever since I was a kid in a huge family, wanting to figure out what made all my 250 blood relatives different from each other. This was the beginning of my search to find these answers.
For my Methodology I was Awarded Top 100 World Women Achievers 2018 called "A Woman of Substance" for the Creation of the Your Life Your Way™ Profile & Coaching, fruit of 20 years of rigorous research, study with top European Behaviour Experts and completion of my education as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic Illnesses. At heart, I am a Science nerd. 
I am a trendsetter, differentiating myself from traditional Corporate Trainers and Coaches, bringing lightness, play and metaphor creation into Strategic Success Planning as well as profound Science & Spirituality. I've been doing this in the Personal & Professional Development Industry since the end of the 1980's living in Italy raising my 4 children.
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