You are so much more than just 1 of 6 types!

How can the World's most Empowering, Precise & Profound Personality Profile support you?
  • Make better decisions thanks to greater clarity & confidence.
  • Increase your vitality to do more of what matters to you.
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Does this Sound like You?

You are smart & savvy

And you have been around the block a few times. You know that life can offer more what you are living now. You want to create better.

You've achieved things you are proud of

On the outside your life looks pretty good. But there’s another layer. You want to feel great on the inside too, which isn't always the case.

You are fed up with the "roller coaster"

And all the ups and downs, like things spinning out of control. It seems like time is slipping by and you haven't lived to the fullest.

You are Ready for Positive, Long Lasting Change

HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY by being your best self

Introducing the Only 21st Century Personality Profile

You've tried lots of tools and techniques but realised "something" is missing. We know what that "something" is. 
Hi, I'm Diana Dentinger, creator of the Personality & Needs Profile® along with the Your Life Your Way™ Coaching Methodology. These are the culmination of decades of rigorous scientific brain research as well as my experience as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic illnesses.

What I know for sure with 30 plus years of Corporate Training & Coaching, is that YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE than you are being right now. When you unlock your personality potential, your life transforms for the better!

When you don't live the fullness of who you are, well, that's when you become emotionally, mentally and physically drained. This is the fast track to "dis-ease", disorders and illness.

Being the best you, is the best way to stay healthy and happy, productive & pleasurable. The ancient Greeks said it thousands of yours ago: Know Yourself. There was a reason.

What Successful Professionals Say

"This program is astounding. Even my wife, sister and children got coached. Everyone needs Your Life Your Way Coaching. Diana, thanks for making it accessible to more people!"
Miguel Ribeiro Ferreira
Shark Tank Judge, Portugal
"Treat yourself to time with Diana and watch magic happen! She has simplified a complex topic and gives you practical and fun ways to integrate and implement what you discover about your true north."
CEO, Her Company Inc., USA
"I got more out of 2 days with Diana than in 8 UPW's. I was even involved in the organization of Robbin's events. This is just what I was looking for in my own Personal and Professional Development.”
Callum Bridgeford-Brice
CEO, No. 1 Heath Store, UK

Knowing Yourself with this Depth Allows You to

Be your best so you manage your time, your roles & responsibilities confidently.
Have a doable plan to take steps towards achieving the results that matter to you.
Stay vibrant to get more done, in less time for greater fulfillment and success.
Remove the nagging fears and obstacles that drain your energy & waster your time.

Yet Your Life might be Unnecessarily Tough WITHOUT these 4 Foundations in Place

Your unique Personality Profile supports you HAVING each one!

Without Clarity'

- You waste so much time searching for answers or in generic self help.
- You stay confused too long.
- You are super easily distracted.

Without Confidence?

- You wait for others permission or follow the latest leader or guru.
- You start things and then stop when it gets hard instead of breaking through.

Without Energy?

- You are a drain for yourself and others and quite a drag to be around.
- You look for quick pick me ups like caffeine or shopping.

Without Action?

- You don't get much done setting yourself up for massive regret.
- You waste time just planning or thinking then have to hurry.

You know something has to Change

How about changing into the Best You?
Some days you might feel overwhelmed or confused. And other days a bit low on energy and drained by concerns.  How about a huge energy boost with more clarity & confidence?
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This is for you whether you are just curious or have improvements to make in your life. Your unique Personality Profile plus DIY Trainings guide you to be Your Best! Valued at $591 - Today only $67.

What Clients say about their Personality Profile

Natalie Jane Wood

"I got the profile and I got hooked. Because getting the profile back, it was a striking moment. It's like getting a mirror. Reading the words that describe you, it's like somebody put the mirror in front of you which you hadn't looked at for a long time... here was something bringing out the best in me...."
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Paulo Fernandes

longevity expert, portugal
"Diana has a capacity of looking into you. She's a lovely person, amazing. I know a lot of people in the Coaching world, but she's special. Because I think she has tools that nobody has. Diana really is one of the best people I know in terms of Coaching, in terms of getting you to another level."
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Dr. Philippa Moss

Transformational Coach, Bahamas
"If you know who you are all your different facets of your personality, then it becomes easier that I don't have to watch that... that's what they're doing. But this is who I am and this is what I want to do. And I think that is the most important thing to have... you give off that energy when you're confident in it. And, I believe in you attract what you attracted back to yourself..."
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Stig Bertelsen

"...really, really good method to be able to get together a spiritualistic view on things... I think that's very good because I'm inspired by you actually. Also the playfulness because I love the playfulness in it. "
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Dr. Pratima Shah

university professor, india
"When I was reading the Personality Profile, I felt as if you knew me more than my parents ever did... It was so overwhelming I was literally crying when I was reading it..."
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This is NOT about Working on Yourself!

Nor breaking through limiting beliefs, nor inner child work, nor mindset shifting, nor healing the past, nor changing your story nor the other thousands of  "band aids" offered in the self help industry to try to make you feel a little better.
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Write your awesome label here.

This IS about Playing with Your Personality

This Methodology goes way beyond others because it is based on leading edge Neurobiology. Your Personality Potential is in your DNA at conception. AND Your unique Personality Profile reconnects you to that information. This is holistic so your body, brain and soul feel light. It is fun, freeing and fulfilling to finally KNOW YOURSELF.

How clear, confident, energized & active are you?

This is about Coming Home to YOU

It's a Personal Journey

You are One of a Kind. You are Unique! The Profile that helps you get more of what you want in your life... by simply being MORE YOU

Finding Your Direction

With Your Profile you go on a Self Discovery Journey understanding & integrating each of the 12 aspects of yourself to move forward with ease.

In a Playful Way

The idea of "working on yourself" can seem cumbersome. That is why the whole "feel" of the Your Life Your Way™ Methodology is fun!

A close up of a Personality Profile & Playbook Manual

It's like your Life Instruction Manual
Read the 12 one page descriptions plus  watch the 12 personalized videos (each 7 minutes) so you tap into your innate talents. You feel energized and empowered after a few hours.
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You are a unique individual

- You have the answers inside of you to solve any issue or challenge and to realize any desire or dream.
- Those answers are crystal clear when you know who you are with this depth and precision.
- Not knowing WHO YOU ARE is the cause for the stress and struggle you have experienced in life .

Putting you into 1 of 6 types simply doesn't cut it now in the 21st Century. You are more.


The key words and metaphors in this Profile give you access to information in your brain's frontal cortex.


Here you discover there are 12 different Facets to complete Personality with precise descriptions of all your innate talents.


Fact: Needs drive behavior. Your set of 12 innate Personality aspects are actually emotional NEEDS that drive your actions.


The other profiles were used for job selection back in the 1930's. They are not about WHO YOU ARE.


When you fully express each of the 12 aspects of yourself you are on your unique path to realization.

You finally create Happiness & Success with Ease

What is the Profiling Process?


Fill Out a Questionnaire

It takes about 20 minutes because you write answers to open ended questions. This is NOT multiple choice like the Psychometric Tests. You are NOT put in a "category" of 1 of 4 types. You are UNIQUE. You will naturally use "key words" that for us indicate your Personality Needs.

Get Your Profile in 48 hrs

You get a PDF Readout with the description of who you are, your Personality Needs, in each of the 12 different Facets of Complete Personality. It has been "hard" to be the real you up to now because you have not been able to "organize" all this information to become the best version of yourself.

Play with Your Personality

Create a life on your terms, live your life your way, based on who you really are. Express your best for yourself, give your best in relationships and in your career. Life becomes so simple. You are at ease no matter what goes on in the outside world. You live who you are meant to be.

They say it better  

You get all these Life Changing Materials

Your Own 20 page Personality Readout

The foundational tool in the Your Life Your Way™ Methodology is your Personality Profile Readout with emotionally moving videos and descriptions of your Unique Needs in 12 Facets of Personality. VALUED AT $197
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120 page Your Life Your Way™ Playbook

Use the Playbook Manual to take notes while following the video trainings. Keep a record of your progress and changes throughout the whole journey through the Your Life Your Way™ Process! VALUED AT $97

Inspiring Videos to Spurn Your Growth

Get down to earth suggestions about how to best go through this process in a DIY fashion so your personal and professional growth journey adds value to you in real life. VALUED AT $297
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All You have to do is Play with Your PersonalityExpect to feel a renewed vitality that calms your overwhelm, confusion and frustration once and for all. Your Profile & this process open you to a profounder level of happiness & success. Become resilient and resourceful to be better than before! 
Diana Dentinger
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Write your awesome label here.
Write your awesome label here.

Hi, I'm Diana Dentinger

Why this Personality Profile might merit your attention. Here's my professional info: Over 30 years experience as a Leader in the Industry.

  •     Coaching & Training since 1989 (yes, I am over 60)
  •     Psychosomatic Illness therapist since 2004
  •     Best Selling Author & International Speaker
  •     Creator the Personality & Needs Profile®
  •     Founder of the Your Life Your Way Academy
  •     Awarded Top 100 Women Achievers 2018

Growing up in a huge, midwestern USA family, with over 250 relatives, I realized at a young age that every person has their own set of talents & issues. This "people filled" environment sparked my interest to understand what made each person unique.

In 1980, I received a scholarship to Miami University to study medicine but after a year understood that I was not interested in fixing illnesses.

I yearned to help people be happier with themselves, get along with others (since my parents didn't) and become who they are meant to be.

Even though I graduated in 1984 with a degree in Business & Marketing, my preferences tended towards Human Resources.

Moving to Europe in 1984 after graduation, I became an Entrepreneur in Germany offering a wide variety of serviced to Americans abroad, then subsequently became a Corporate Trainer & Team Building Specialist in Italy from 1989 on.

Each of my 4 pregnancies allowed me to slow down and research more about Unique Individual Programming, Human Potential and take part in high level Energetic & Spiritual work. Reverse engineering my experience as a Psychosomatic illness therapist, in 2004 I created the Personality & Needs Profile® and this revolutionary "biological" Coaching Methodology.

My hundreds of clients in over 20 countries of the world say I know them better than they know themselves. I feel honored and responsible to guide them to be their best. It is thanks to having simplified complex concepts like Personality and put them into a fun, "game board" like process that they all thrive in their life, relationships and career. And you can too!

As Seen & Heard On around the World

This leading edge Methodology has been featured in over 200 media channels in the past 7 years. We are here to evolve the Coaching & Training Industry as well as Education Systems so individuals have clear answers about who they are.

More Appreciation for the Personality Profile

Mopani MK

"What happened when I learned this, then suddenly I had a lot more energy. I started to feel good naturally... I managed to increase my income by over 58%... Why? Because my peak performance energy went up! I feel good! Definitely look into this."
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Brid Hanlon

"Absolutely brilliant! I had no idea of who I was… I even feel upset about it because I managed to provide without knowing and my reference points were always outside, who does that person say I am, do I fit in…then I must be ok even if I don’t know who I am. I have a lot of catching up to do."
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Thamin C

Sales Nation, Luxembourg
"From what I've seen other people do is, again, they don't have this, they don't have the expertise to speak about the genealogy and everything else. So it would be kind of a disservice to say this is anything similar to what I've seen in the past. It's completely unique. This goes into more of a personal deeper level, more than anything I've seen as well, which is so good and great. I really can't express in words how powerful it is."
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Deborah Gibbs

Sm Business Consultant, Bahamas
"I've not seen anybody get in my head the way you have with this, and you've made it scientific, which is logical. Like now I have something that I can literally refer to, you see? So I can go back and read more about that. So you've given me this reference guide that I cannot listen,and you've given me a gift. You gave me such clarity because it's like, okay, this is me!"
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Dr. Gillian Hipp

PHD Movement therapy, UK
"This Methodology found a spare puzzle piece that I hadn't been aware of in my Personality. Actually it was the missing piece that's not been there for my whole life. Now it's fully integrated and it's given me confidence..."
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Get Your Complete Personality Profile with a DIY Masterclass Series for only $67. Valued at $591.

Gain life changing clarity, unstoppable confidence and unlimited energy to live your life to the fullest! 
  • Leading Edge Video Masterclass Training
  • Personalized to you with your Profile Readout
  • An Empowered You in about 4 hours time

How is this Methodology unique? Read the FAQ

Our clients love this & you will too 

"I have pretty much have taken ALL the popular tests and assessments out there and none of them have dug this deep into targeting who I really am and what I really need. Your process is the missing piece to what I currently need in my life. Your vision of expanding out your process and methodology is much needed. There are so many people who this to be their first step before beginning or starting any other program or assessment."
Entrepreneur, Atalanta, USA
"This program show cases your true self, and shows each individual is unique, derived predominantly as a biological factors. It describes in detail why we unconsciously operate in self sabotaging ways, which has a bearing on our genealogy which is very true as I am discovering everyday by practicing some of the techniques Diana has taught."
Nagananda Chandrashekar
Sales & Marketing, India
"Easily identified myself. So useful to know that my 'preferences' are in fact 'needs' - and now recognised I can take responsibility for meeting them. I foresee this becoming part of the core training for coaches, counselours and therapists. Essential for parents, teachers and everyone who works with people, and everyone who wants a better understanding of themselves. Excellent!"
Jasmine Simpson
Success Coach, New Zealand

They Say it.
But only We Teach it.


A Fast, Fun and highly Effective Process


Finally Your Personality Profile in a DIY Course

"I have attended many workshops and heard so many coaching styles, patterns and topics, but none of them is as unique as yours. Your coaching is so tailor made for each and every individual. 
 If knowledge is power, self knowledge and awareness is the ultimate light and power. I am really glad I met you. My heartfelt thanks!"
Life Skills Coach, India
"Diana represents the change that I so desperately needed. Before coaching with Diana I was very confused about who I really was, sad and with no enthusiasm for life, doing everything robotically, even the things that I once loved doing. She helped me rediscover myself. Amazingly she knew so much more about me than I actually ever did."
Vitoria Castro
Video Marketing Mastery, USA
"Diana is a kind, wise, intuitive & insightful guide. I love her powerful passion that flows through her work, spreading to her clients, enabling them to thrive in all avenues of life. Diana helped me bring out my inner child to support my life’s purpose. If you decide to work with Diana, you are in for a joy ride that will change your world for the better!!"
Ariella Forstein
Vocal Coach, Tedx Speaker, USA

Image Your Life if You Always Felt...

100% Confident, Radiant & Unstoppable

Play with your Personality! No need to "work on" limiting beliefs, get out of your comfort zone or set boundaries. Those are "old school"! Welcome to the 21st Century!  

Ready to go with Crystal Clear Goals

You have the answers inside! Once you know "who you are" then the "how to" magically and effortlessly flows out of you. It becomes simple to live a purposeful and prosperous life.

More Energetic than ever before!

Say goodbye to mind chatter, self doubt and second guessing. You know how to achieve the MORE you desire to be. Get ready for fun.... because the funnest thing is being YOU!

For People of every Age, Profession & Background

There are massive benefits to knowing who you really are! You make better decisions based on your Personality needs, you set your priorities and you manage your time for greater success without the stress and struggle. Better You. Better Life.

Women evolving to create more overall Fulfillment

Empowerment seems to be the key word for women this decade. And many feel this urgent calling to do more of what is meaningful to them in family & community.

Entrepreneurs & Leaders contributing to Society

With the work context changing many are migrating to having their own businesses. Not everyone is "cut out" so hop on a one on one call for personalized suggestions.

Millennials desiring success on their Terms

As the young adults see that the "old way" of doing things, like just climbing the ladder to success, is going out of style, they want to make better decisions earlier to have the balanced life their parents didn't.

Coaches discovering more Advanced Tools

Here in the Academy we offer Facilitator Certification because most Coaches & Trainers lack an effective Personality Profile. Book a One Hour One on One Session to find out more.

The common thread among our clients is that they know they are so much more than they are being now

Our Mission & Vision: A More Meaningful Life for the Many.
We Provide Personal & Professional Development for People of all Ages at Prices accessible to Most.


Tap into all your Innate Potential with Your Personality Profile

Getting your Personality Profile in this BEST YOU YET DIY Training, you get videos that guide you through a proven process to complete in about 4 hours. Valued at  $591. Yours for only $67.
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We have a no refund policy because it is our belief that this creates an excuse for people to not take action and commit fully to their Personal & Professional Development. In each course, you get your personalized Profile Readout which has immense value in itself along with the Masterclass Trainings. Investing this low fee and some of your time will save you tons of energy drain on hesitation, procrastination or analysis paralysis.

Not ready to commit? Take a baby step towards clarity...


Take a Free 5 Minute Assessment

Sign Up for Free Self Discovery Quizzes

Get Your Partial Profile & DIY Course for $37

Have important decisions? Best is One on One Support

Each include your Complete Personality Profile & the Do it Yourself Course

Now is your time! Become the Best You in a Fast, Fun & Effective Process

Getting your Personality Profile in this BEST YOU YET DIY Training, you get videos that guide you through a proven process to complete in about 4 hours. Valued at  $591. Yours for only $67.
Write your awesome label here.
We have a no refund policy because it is our belief that this creates an excuse for people to not take action and commit fully to their Personal & Professional Development. In each course, you get your personalized Profile Readout which has immense value in itself along with the Masterclass Trainings. Investing this low fee and some of your time will save you tons of energy drain on hesitation, procrastination or analysis paralysis.

Diana Dentinger

If you meet me in person you will notice I have tons of energy. I have intuitively known my purpose ever since I was a kid in a huge family, wanting to figure out what made all my 250 relatives different from each other. This was the beginning of my search to find these answers.

For my Methodology I was Awarded Top 100 World Women Achievers 2018 called "A Woman of Substance" for the Creation of the Your Life Your Way™ Profile & Coaching, fruit of 20 years of rigorous research, study with top European Behaviour Experts and completion of my education as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic Illnesses.

I am a trendsetter, differentiating myself from traditional Corporate Trainers and Coaches, bringing lightness, play and metaphor creation into Strategic Success Planning as well as profound Science & Spirituality. I've been doing this in the Personal & Professional Development Industry since the end of the 1980's living in Italy raising my 4 children.
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