Why I do what I do & some good ole Philosophy

The following "numbers" might help you understand my nerdy interest in Personality and how I love supporting people to be their best selves. 

Here you go: My great grandparents each had 6 children. My grandparents each had 8 & 9 children. Some aunts and uncles had 6 kids or at least 2 or 3.  Many cousins and I have 3 & 4 kids and now our children are having children.

I have great memories of hanging out with my 250 relatives! How's that for a huge family! Most of them I really admired and feel they walked their talk modeling values I share about love, family, truth.

From this context, there is I one thing I know for sure...

The mainstream Personality Profiles saying you are 1 of 4 types just doesn't cut it! No freaking way could I have put my relatives in only 4 or even 8 boxes.
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Write your awesome label here.

All work & no play?
I say "No way"

Growing up,  we played a lot of board games (but we were not bored - odd those words sound the same).

And we played tons of sports, basketball being my absolute favorite. At family reunions there was always music. We danced like crazy (and I still do every Thursday night). As kids we goofed around and had fun.

When I got into Corporate Training back in 1989, I found it so stiff and serious. People put on their professional masks during the seminars but afterwards or during the breaks they were more real and relaxed. They had a hard time "being themselves" or maybe were not sure exactly which self to be.

For the first 15 years of my career, I used the mainstream Personality Assessments until creating the Personality & Needs Profile in 2004. My goal was to help people Play All Out with their Personality, have fun, tap into talents and be themselves 24/7.

Notice the snazzy game board in the picture? That is what goes with the Personality Profile! I love colorful Coaching materials!

Can I be blunt? Enough of Cookie Cutter Coaching!

Guess what? People are not made of cookie dough, but still so much of mainstream Coaching Programs are cookie cutter, one size fits all without any type of precise assessment for people (and coaches) to understand themselves.

Guess what again? You have unique DNA and a unique Personality, which happens to be in your DNA since conception. Read below about my experience as a Psychosomatic Illness therapist.  I am quite nerdy when it comes to the science (and art) of you being who you are meant to be.

I loved making cookies as a kid & these cutters were ours in the late 1960's

And I still have them! On a trip visiting my parents in USA after I had my first 2 children in the early 1990's, I actually brought these cookie cutters back to Italy. How crazy is that?

I guess I knew I would need them as props in videos sharing my Mission to Raise the Standards in the Coaching Industry.

Can I be bold?

This section deserves a bright yellow background. My clients say I know them better than they know themselves. It is an honor and responsibility especially as their "guide". For the depth of this Methodology, I was Awarded Top 100 Women Achievers for 2018 being named a "Woman of Substance".  For me, Coaching requires me being Excellent.

For this boldness section I showed up wearing my black leather jacket

The Boldness Alerts below might not be about you personally...

Do you notice too that people are confused and wasting their precious life on fads, shiny objects and distractions?

1. Exponential boldness alert: 
You don't know who you are therefore you don't really know what you want.

2. Exponential boldness alert:
You use your precious time to fill up with stuff but inside you feel empty.

3. Exponential boldness alert:
You really don't honor life enough to become your best & do better.

Just in case you confuse my boldness for something else

I have very high standards for myself. It is the way I am. I don't like work done in a "half ass" way (that is the blunt and descriptive phrase we use in my family).

For example, has it ever happened that you hired a decorator and after they drove off with the job finished, you noticed the floor sprinkled with paint droppings? That stuff bugs me.

I notice when people slack off. Like when I take a walk in the park and see people who don't pick up their dog poo.

To make picking up dog poo "fun" for my kids, we would make bets on who could toss the full and knotted bag into a park trash bin. The one who did it from the farthest spot would get 5 euro.
Yes, call it an ethical bribe. It taught my kids respect and created memories. We still laugh about tosses that took place over 18 years ago! Get a load of that. Come visit me Italy and I will take you to the park so we can do some bag throws! HAHAHA

In a nutshell my living philosophy translates into: 1) have fun and make dirty jobs fun too, 2) if you are going to do a job, do it well.

Did I mention that I am a Psychosomatic Illness therapist ?   

And you thought I was just an average Coach and Trainer. Well, guess again. Maybe you are familiar with those labels. But my real "training" includes unblocking the root emotional causes of illness so the body naturally heals.

It takes exponential tough love. It is amazingly tough work. It is not play. Stakes are high. People have physical issues they don't want to live with. As a team we helped unblock a woman with MS told by doctors she would forever be in a wheelchair. Well, guess again. After 6 months she was climbing trails in the Italian Alps.

Things like solving high cholesterol, even diabetes, are child play in comparison to that case.

Don't get your hopes up that I still do that. In 2008, I preferred to shift my focus to preventing illness. How you ask? By having you express the best of who you are. By reverse engineering everything I learned about illness and creating the Personality & Needs Profile®.

You see, when you don't bring out the stuff you have inside, aka your Personality Potential in your DNA since conception, then it creates emotional blocks, isolating groups of neurons, that after years become illnesses as a clear message to you that you are NOT BEING WHO YOU ARE.

It is more complex, 5 years of intense study at least. But this is why I am so avid about people living who they are meant to be, with purpose, for their happiness and health.

One reason I live with lightness is because I have seen and been through some rough stuff

Like you too, I wasn't always prepared to handle certain challenges, but I did. I have faith in a higher source of power. I believe there are reasons why things happen. We just don't know them when we are in the midst of crisis. I have a lot of self confidence. I feel resourceful. And I am surrounded by loving people who care and support each other. I wish that for everyone.

Emergency rooms, accidents and other scary stuff allowed me to meet face to face with whom I call my "guardian angel". I have oodles of odd and out of the ordinary stories that I will write about one day in a book called "The Voice".
On the outside, I am about as practical and down to earth as it gets. Maybe that comes from running a household, raising kids and getting things done. Often my Coaching Clients show interest in the spiritual side of life, so we travel down that path too. Most of my clients are soul searching. They have stories to tell, things they feel weird sharing, even with close family and friends.

True story! They find it difficult in a family dinner conversation when someone asks them: "How was your day?"  And they want to respond: "Today a bird flew in the house and told me my uncle died. An hour later I got the phone call". They keep it locked up inside. Yet they yearn to tell someone.

My point here? In my experience with death and with unexplainable things, very few people feel comfortable talking about them, as if they were tabù.  Yet SO MANY people have followed hunches which lead them to amazing experiences. I want to normalize inklings. That sounds fun.

In my over 30 years of Coaching, I have heard pretty much every kind of story from trauma to tragedy to comedy. And I have felt people's joy, sorrow, weirdness, wildness and wonder. I feel blesed that people trust me with their stories and secrets. It is the part of Coaching I love the most.

As I rambled on, it might not have been crystal clear how I help people be their best

Here on the Your Life Your Way Academy, money never has the right to stand between you and the best version of who you are. Read that again. Money never has the right to stand between you and the best version of who you are.

Country economies are different. What $10 buys in USA buys 10 times more in India. And there is even a difference between what the Canadian dollar buys and the American dollar. With these changing times, my business philosophy has become more similar to "pay what you can".
I had periods in my business in which I was a bit "snootier" or snobby offering only VIP packages. "Hey, want my time? How about $5000 for a weekend of One on One Coaching!".  Sure, it allowed me to work one weekend a month and be home all the time raising my 4 children as a single parent.

So many people are stuck in their trivial pursuits, clueless about what to do with their life and held back by Imposter Syndrome.

But that came out of my "ignorance" when I "bought in" to the hype about "charge what you are worth". Excuse me? All life is equally valuable. Then a client, a multi millionaire serial entrepreneur, actually helped me "wake up". He said that Coaching with me was so life changing and the Personality Profile so empowering that I had to shift my business model to make my Methodology accessible to everyone.

It took me about 3  years to write the program and hundreds of files for the elaboration of the Personality Profile. And another few years to get the website, video courses, manuals and graphics done (all by me). It has been a long time in the making. Maybe I am a late bloomer as a borderline boomer.


Mini Self Confidence Courses starting at $47 to get you on a personalized growth journey.

Ready to commit to Playing All Out in this game of life with your Personality? Begin today and have fun!

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I hope my philosophy inspired you to do what you came on earth to do! If I can help in anyway, just let me know. That's why I'm here.
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