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A Powerful Formula to Give You an Energy Boost when You are Feeling Low

We all need energy to get what we want to and have to done in life. Over the past 30 years of Training and Coaching, I am pleased to see a recent rise in people taking care of their physical energy, health and nutrition, but unfortunately have witnessed an increase in mental tiredness, stress and distraction... not to mention the anxiety of this past year.
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Let's shift this to help you move towards more inner peace, joy, love and freedom in your life. So get ready for a FUN FORMULA & REFLECTION for how to have more emotional, mental and physical energy instead of feeling drained!

Starting with Einstein's Formula E = M C squared, we will adapt that to the busy life of modern professionals (singles, couples and parents).

But first off RATE YOUR ENERGY NOW from 1 as low to 1000 as high. You could think about yesterday. What was your energy level on an average throughout the day. Got it? Do this so you get the most out of this formula.

1. How much Meaning in what you do?

With the same starting point as Einstein, the E is for Energy in this formula too. Now we will work on the other side of the equation:

M = Meaning - How much meaning is there in your days? Rate that from 1 to 10 with 1 signifying very little meaning to 10 signifying lots of meaning.

Other questions to reflect on are: How much time do you dedicate to tasks that are meaningful for you? Or how much time are you simply living your routine that is "empty of meaning"? How many things do you do that have you feel you are part of your life purpose? What do you do that doesn't make sense but you do because you have to?

Again, rate the amount of Meaning in your usual day from 1 (little real significance) to 10 (lots of heart and mindful meaning). Meaning is that it makes sense logically and also moves you emotionally. How moved are you daily with what you are doing?  

2. How much Care for Yourself?

The next letter in the equations is C = Care for Yourself.

When you take proper care of yourself with sleep, water, nutrition, exercise and purposeful living, you feel better. All these ways recharge your batteries.

So on your usual day, how much Self Care is there? How "conscious" are you of giving yourself TLC (tender loving care)?

Rate this from 1 (not taking care of yourself) to 10 (consciously putting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs as a priority for you in your day to day).

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3. How much Care for Others?

The final letter in the equation is another C = Care for Others.

Doing for others, going beyond yourself, contributing to the greater good is also what energizes your heart, mind and soul. How happy are you to care for others? Rate the enjoyment level (not the time investment) in taking care of other's needs, wants and desires from 1 - 10.

FYI: The Care for Yourself and Care for Others elements are not to be measured in the amount of time you spend but in your conscious awareness and enjoyable approach while dedicating that time to yourself and others.

For sure if you have toddlers and are a stay home mom, the amount of time for care for kids is high. But maybe you are bored the whole time and simply chatting on your phone while they are in front of the tv. You are physically present but not really present caring. These "ratings" are simply to make you more conscious of how aware you are of what you do with your time and energy. Without judging yourself, simply be realistic. What is, is, up to now.

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Now get your Energy sum...

Multiply the numbers that you rated for each of the 3 elements: Meaning x Care for Yourself x Care for Others. What did you get? The maximum sum is 1000
Let's say you rated each of the 3 letters (M, C & C) as an 8. So when you do the multiplication you have 8 x 8 x 8 = 512. That would seem like a pretty good rating... but again, the max is 1000.
  • Did it click inside your head abut how these are interrelated? 
  • What did it make you think about? 
  • Which recent situation came to mind? 
  • How did thinking about how you manage your daily life? 
  • How does it make you feel?

This is all about increasing your Energy by increasing the conscious awareness of one of these 3 elements starting now. Take one of the letters (M, C or C) that had the lowest rating. And for one week, focus on adding more of that to your day.

If you were "low on meaning" then even while you brush your teeth say to yourself "I am so happy to brush my teeth because I love to smile" or something positive about why you are doing what you are doing. You might be cleaning up some clutter in your home office and you say "When things are in order, I feel I can concentrate better" and therefore you are increasing your energy by doing that cleaning consciously, for a reason.

If you were "low on care for yourself" then what could you do each day to increase that? It does not have to be going to get a 1 hour massage or spa visit each day. Start with little things. Start with telling yourself that that moment or task "belongs to the self care category". For example when I walk our dog, I always tell myself that this exercise is so wonderful. Instead of choosing the level path along the river, I usually do the uphill hike to another park so I get in my aerobic exercise. The walk is not just for the dog (care for others) but intentionally is for me keeping my heart and leg muscles strong.

If you were "low on care for others" then what could you do everyday for them? It could be as simple as sending a private message to a different person each day (that takes one minute) to check in with how they are. Then it might start a conversation that goes on another 10... and in that time listen, support, nourish their dreams and desires. It could be having eye contact with someone at the supermarket who seems sad and you smile. Again, make this a conscious action.

The key to more Energy, with this Fun Formula, is to be conscious and intentional with your actions instead of just going through the motions of life. Notice how your days change and how you feel after a week. And let me know if you want. Fill out the contact form here.

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Diana Dentinger

If you meet me in person you will notice I have tons of energy. I have intuitively known my purpose ever since I was a kid in a huge family, wanting to figure out what made all my 250 relatives different from each other. This was the beginning of my search to find these answers.

For my Methodology I was Awarded Top 100 World Women Achievers 2018 called "A Woman of Substance" for the Creation of the Your Life Your Way™ Profile & Coaching, fruit of 20 years of rigorous research, study with top European Behaviour Experts and completion of my education as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic Illnesses.

I am a trendsetter, differentiating myself from traditional Corporate Trainers and Coaches, bringing lightness, play and metaphor creation into Strategic Success Planning as well as profound Science & Spirituality. I've been doing this in the Personal & Professional Development Industry since the end of the 1980's living in Italy raising my 4 children.
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