Join  More Fun Ways to Be the Best Version of You!

Once you are familiar with the Your Life Your Way Methodology and already have your Personality Profile, there are more fun ways to accelerate your self realization for a great life!

Free Resources for Your Self Realization Path

Fun Integration for Greater Self Confidence

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Free Resources once You Have Your Profile

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1. Get Rolling with the Sunday Dice Roll

To better integrate each of your Personality Needs, you can get on the list to receive the Facet Number each week with video tips!

2. Get Listening to Inspirational Books

Access inspirational audio books and workbooks content to keep going strong living your life your way. Life is a journey so keep traveling!

3. Get Answers during Free Q&A Calls

As life happens you need answers on how to improve yourself, relationships and career. These calls are practical and action oriented.

Still Need Your Personality Profile? Get it here to Become the Best You Yet!

Need a One on One Session?

This Empowering Methodology is All About You Being More You.

In a world constantly shifting, where roles evolve and expectations vary, there lies a profound question at the core of our being: Who am I, really?

Uncover All Your Innate Talents 🌈

 Dive deep into your unique blend of talents.
Personal and professional calling revealed.
Your talents are your guide to fulfillment.

Your Pathway to Being Crystal Clear 🌟

Illuminate the heart of your existence.
Discover the work you're meant to do.
Clarity leads to confidence and direction

Connect to Your Real Needs & Passions 💖

Reconnect with your passions and interests.
Infuse every day with purpose and joy.
Make passion a priority, not an afterthought.

From Stalled to Vibrant Living 🚀

Break free from the cycle of fleeting excitement. Engage deeply with what truly matters. Experience vibrant living with every day filled with purpose.

Meet "Your Life, Your Way"

This Methodology reveals and organises what you know about yourself but can't always explain about yourself.
Based on leading edge Neuroscience, the Personality Profile, as the main tool,  and the proven process guide you in the fastest, most fun and effective way to step into your greater potential. With this connection to your inner GPS you are better able to make the best decisions for your life. Most DIY Courses can be completed in anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours accompanied by training videos & self reflection exercises. 

Meet Beatriz

Meet Viktor

Meet Alysia

If you are new here, discover more about getting your Personality Profile

The One on One Coaching & the Best You Yet Include Your Complete Personality Profile.  Want to take Smaller Steps? The Self Confidence Course includes a Partial Personality Profile (descriptions of you in 3 of 12 Facets of Personality).

Self Confidence Workshop

Usually $147 - Today $47
Without Self Confidence you are trapped in the game of meeting everyone else's expectations of you. Without Self Confidence you give others permission to define your self worth. 

Get to know your Core 3 Innate Personality Talents as a first step to feeling more empowered. Unwavering Self Confidence offers you the way to be the right person in the right place at the right time. Learn to live in a synchronistic flow of ease and grace.
  • Includes Your Partial Personality Profile
  • Your 35 Page Workbook Manual
  • A 14 Part Masterclass Video Series

Plus 1 Month Pass to Diana's Weekly Q&A Calls

The Best You Yet Course

Usually $147 - OFFER $87
When you are crystal clear on every aspect of yourself, you become unstoppable. You feel energised and empowered to easily reach your goals, fulfill your desires and overcome any challenge.

Being the Best You is how to have the Best Life! All the "gurus" say to "know yourself", yet no one teaches you how! Take this fun and exciting deep dive into yourself. Begin to create a happier, healthier, more meaningful and successful life.
  • Includes Your Complete Personality Profile
  • The 21 Day Playbook Manual (120 pages)
  • A 25 Part Masterclass Video Series

Plus 2 Month Pass to Diana's Weekly Q&A Calls

1.5 Hour Coaching Session

Usually $247 - Today $175
You might be unclear and undecided about how to move forward in certain areas of your life and procrastinating to make, possibly important,  decisions for your relationships or career.

This laser focused One on One with Diana Dentinger is life changing for the clarity and confidence you gain as she walks you through your Personality Profile allowing you to move full steam ahead! Ancient philosophers said to "know yourself" and now it is possible.
  • Includes Your Complete Personality Profile
  • Includes the Best You Yet DIY Course
  • Your 1.5 Hour Coaching Session with Diana

Plus 2 Month Pass to Diana's Weekly Q&A Calls

Be the Real You. The Best You.

Imagine life if you were crystal Clear, totally Confident & full of Energy... always and everywhere taking Action to realize your dreams & desires!
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With Yourself

Having the vision & direction so you fully trust in yourself and your innate knowing. Pursuing your dreams and desires with joy!

About Your Energy

Feeling balanced, mentally and emotionally, allowing you to make the best decisions for how to dedicate your time.

In Your Relationships

 Giving the best version of yourself to everyone! Noticing how your sense of calm and inner peace create harmony all around you.

In Your Profession

 Believing in yourself so, if needed, you pivot into something more fulfilling and flourish thanks to owning your gifts and talents.
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