Shift the emotions  that keep you from living a great life!

Diana's experience & proven protocols support you feeling emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually alive so it easier for you to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled.
  • Feel lighter, freer, clearer & more confident.
  • Increase your vitality to do more of what matters to you.
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Does this Sound like You?

Nagging thoughts that you can't totally silence.

They could be fears  "induced" by mass media, survival instincts coming from your animal brain as a worst case scenario or even pain from disappointing experiences from your past.

Emotional ups and downs that drain your energy.

On the outside your life might look pretty good with a lifestyle, friendships or a career that are all "fine". But not necessarily do you feel great on the inside. You want  more inner peace and harmony.

Tried techniques but something is still stuck.

You might be able to identify what you feel and how this impacts your happiness, but there's more that you can't quite see. It is deeper than you can reach down into so the core issue stays unresolved.

But You are so Ready for Long Lasting, Positive Change

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Diana has a very Profound Professional  Background

Most people know Diana Dentinger for her creation of the Personality & Needs Profile® and only a few select, long term clients know also about her psychic, intuitive and energy abilities.
More people now are open to considering energy work as a viable tool for their wellbeing. They are on the look for more effective ways to relieve emotional pain.
Energy Sessions with Diana have been able to clear trauma issues from client's childhood in less than 20 minutes.
Most of Diana's clients have done years of work with Psychologists, some even 20 years! But they did not get long lasting relief nor find inner peace!
1. Because talk therapy is still too left brained and mental!
2. Because Psychology does not consider the multi-layers of your being.
3. Because the depth of an issue comes, not only from your life experiences, but from Inherited Emotional Memory in your DNA from your family history as well as from the journeys and lives your soul has had.

Diana finds the best tools and methodologies to be of full service to her clients.

Diana is never satisfied with "how things are done". She searches and finds better, more valid tools to catalyse long lasting, positive change in people. These tools are usually out of the mainstream, funded research arena, as well as out of the "popular internet" guru circles.

Her Professional Certifications for her career as a Team Building Trainer and Coach include: Enneagram, DiSC, We Care®, Myers Briggs, Strength Finders, Cross Cultural Behaviour of Geert Hofstede, Family Constellations of Bert Hellinger, Ancestor Syndrome of Anne Schuetzenberger...

and 5 years of rigorous studies to become a Neurobiology therapist specialised in unblocking Psychosomatic Illnesses with the power of "key words".

All these processes contributed to Diana helping people discover their potential and live their purpose.

Diana realises you are a unique individual yet with predictable human conflicts

Yet, what Diana discovered is that each person has a set of Inherited Emotional Memories that block them from living their full potential.

When doing Energy Sessions, she integrates and combines her specialisations in Symbology of the Brain, Etymology, Complex Thought of Henri Laborit, Psychodrama, Metamedicine, Physiognomy, Astrology, Numerology, Psichomagic of Alejandro Jodorowski, Clean Language of Davide Grove, Metaphor Creation, Dowsing, Thetahealing, Transpersonal Genealogy, Biopsychology, Epigenetics, ClusterMedizin and more recently 2 Pointing by Catrin Jacksties & Richard Bartlett, Energy Healing by Avril Richer & Morphogenics by Michele Frink

She integrated parts of each into a more expanded part of the protocol called CTT (Conscious Transformation Technique) used by the late George Duisman.

This is NOT about Diana waving a magic wand!

Or creating some special potion to take away anything that is causing you discomfort or "dis-ease". It is simply Diana following a proven process, guiding you to transform the emotional disturbance. Sure, Diana has the ability to see and perceive beyond the visible and this adds depth to getting to the root cause so it never comes back.
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Write your awesome label here.

This IS about YOU transforming

And you being ready, willing and able to transform your emotional state. You are the one doing the process, you are responsible for your transformation. Know that when emotions arise, they are ready to be processed. Diana facilitates so you feel empowered, not dependent!!! It is freeing! You feel lighter and more able to shine your inner light.

What You do in the Energy Session


Come with a specific issue or emotion to transform

These issues should be emotionally intense, ones that you would rate between 7 - 10 on a scale of 10. We talk about these for the first 15 minutes to dive deeper.  

Be open to be guided through the process

Diana tunes into possible resistance that you might have to resolving the issues. She writes down "your words" so you transform how you see them for the best results.

Cross your arms and tap to transform yourself

Mostly Diana uses the CTT protocol to "neutralise" and bring to peace the energetic charge of the emotions. Listen to the video to understand more.

What You Also Get


You get instructional videos to understand the human experience

With great awareness you more easily exit the victim - perpetrator type dynamics playing subtly as background noise in your life.

You learn an approach that you can also replicate on yourself

Since you can muscle memory positive feelings and actions, you can repeat what you do on the call for other issues if they arise.

Finally You also get your Complete Personality Profile

Because the goal is not just to get relief from the pain but to also have tools to live your life purpose and greater potential!

You are an Energy Being

Most "new age" practices offer only a partial approach to the problems therefore are less effective in "releasing baggage".

- Unless you have someone who can look into your situation with objectivity, you might continue blaming people, your past, the society, ect instead of realizing what needs to change is inside of you.
- Unless you precisely identify what is going on, you do not transform the issue deeply, resolving it at the root cause, so it does not return.
- Unless something rises into your awareness, your body, brain and soul are not ready to transform it. You don't just transform generic things.

You are "following" where someone else is taking you! Are you sure that is where you need to be? Maybe you get to a "feel good" space... but..


Sound is what creates form, geometry, the container. Are you being "uni-formed" or finding your own uniqueness? Are the frequency hertz clean?


Oxygen is alkaline. Your body is healthiest when alkaline so you must also eat "clean" to get benefits from breathing. Plus it is vital to know how biology & spirituality go side by side.


You can integrate assistants into your energy sessions but never "give away" your power to things outside of you. You are enough so detach from "needing" the external objects.


Many organized religions subtley ask their members to give away their power to something supreme. You are good if you do and punished if you don't. You might not see the control aspect or disempowerment. 


There is a lot of distortion in "ancient" practices. This means that they are different than originally taught. The efficiency might depend on where it was learned, from whom and their real energy imprint on it.

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Diana Dentinger's Bio

Hi, I'm Diana Dentinger and here's why my work might merit your attention. I have over 30 years experience as a Leader in the Personal & Professional Development Industry.

  •     Coaching & Training since 1989 (yes, I am over 60)
  •     Psychosomatic Illness therapist since 2004
  •     Best Selling Author & International Speaker
  •     Creator the Personality & Needs Profile®
  •     Founder of the Your Life Your Way Academy
  •     Awarded Top 100 Women Achievers 2018

Growing up in a huge, midwestern USA family, with over 250 relatives, I realized at a young age that every person has their own set of talents & issues. This "people filled" environment sparked my interest to understand what made each person unique.

In 1980, I received a scholarship to Miami University to study medicine but after a year understood that I was not interested in fixing illnesses.

I yearned to help people be happier with themselves, get along with others (since my parents didn't) and become who they are meant to be.

Even though I graduated in 1984 with a degree in Business & Marketing, my preferences tended towards Human Resources.

Moving to Europe in 1984 after graduation, I became an Entrepreneur in Germany offering a wide variety of serviced to Americans abroad, then subsequently became a Corporate Trainer & Team Building Specialist in Italy from 1989 on.

Each of my 4 pregnancies allowed me to slow down and research more about Unique Individual Programming, Human Potential and take part in high level Energetic & Spiritual work. Reverse engineering my experience as a Psychosomatic illness therapist, in 2004 I created the Personality & Needs Profile® and this revolutionary "biological" Coaching Methodology.

My hundreds of clients in over 20 countries of the world say I know them better than they know themselves. I feel honored and responsible to guide them to be their best. It is thanks to having simplified complex concepts like Personality and put them into a fun, "game board" like process that they all thrive in their life, relationships and career. And you can too!

As Seen & Heard On around the World

This leading edge Methodology has been featured in over 200 media channels in the past 7 years. We are here to evolve the Coaching & Training Industry as well as Education Systems so individuals have clear answers about who they are.

Section 1  prepares you for the Session

Then the other sections are for you to follow along with your Complete Personality Profile
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Get Energetic & Emotional relief today!

Transform the blocks

How about a life changing, simple and fast tool designed to get you living the fullness of who you really are?! Welcome to this Energy Session with Diana Dentinger using her amplification of the CTT® Process.

Diana guides you through the intricate landscape of your inner world so you become conscious of the facts, events and emotions that have kept you blocked up until now. Then you transform the dark to light and free up your energy field for more happiness.

Let's Transform what is blocking your Self Realisation

You are energy, source consciousness, in an emotional container here to have a human experience of contrast, with the goal to feel the joy and bliss of who you really are.

Get an Energy Session with Diana Dentinger today
. It includes your Complete Personality Profile as well as 4 Live Group Q&A Calls on Zoom.
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We have a no refund policy because it is our belief that this creates an excuse for people to not take action and commit fully to their Personal & Professional Development. In each course, you get your personalized Profile Readout which has immense value in itself along with the Masterclass Trainings. Investing this low fee and some of your time will save you tons of energy drain on hesitation, procrastination or analysis paralysis.
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