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(Tiny Tips) Personal Time Management to Improve Your Life

There are six different aspects of your existence that can be enhanced with better personal time management. And these are present in everyone’s life. They are not “areas of life” but rather part of the whole you. If you ignore one part, then you are ignoring an essential part of yourself.

Read through the list below. Then write down in your diary or share in the comments what you do daily to maintain and improve each one. Remember, all 6 need daily attention.
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Personal time management is one of the greatest steps you can take to improving your life.

1. The physical aspect of you needs a healthy body, less stress and more energy. What do you eat at each meal? How much walking, stretching, cardio or strength exercises do you do? Have you got an energy practice like chi kong or meditation?

2. The emotional aspect of you needs balanced feelings and creative desires to feel alive. What motivates you to wake up everyday in a good mood? How resilient do you feel that help you through your challenges?

3. The intellectual aspect of you needs to think, solve problems, learn and reflect. What is the best time of day for you to tackle tougher issues? How do you stay clear when you brainstorm solutions?

4. The social aspect of you needs to develop personal relations and be an active contributor to the betterment of society. Which people in your network are real supporters of your choices? What do you do that positively impacts other people's lives?

5. The professional aspect of you needs to apply your innate talents to something fulfilling that also makes you money. What do you naturally do well? How often do you get in the flow producing greater results with less effort?

6. The spiritual aspect of you needs to grow, evolve and find meaning in your life. What is your overall life purpose? How do you act on it daily? 

When you wait too long to give tender loving care to each aspect, then one of them will be in need of repair.

When you wait too long to give tender loving care to each aspect, then one of them will be in need of repair. This will require more of your time to fix it and get it back to performing well and adding to the quality of your life.

We can help you learn time management in a personalized way based on who you are. Thanks to increasing your self awareness, becoming more conscious about how to use your talents, you are motivated to keep improving your personal and professional life. The benefits are that: 

a. You master your tasks by knowing which are essential to achieving your goals and which are unnecessary. You are able to decide which activities help you maintain a balanced life style.

b. You learn to say "No". You might hear this advice often. Pay attention to it even if it involves saying the word to family or friends. When you have shared your priorities, then they can even be a wonderful support. 

c. You can get the cooperation from people around you who are actually benefiting from your efforts of better time management. You are happier and more pleasant to be around.

d. You avoid procrastinating. You are actually motivated to take steps forward. You feel daily progress on your goals with flexibility to notice even the unexpected opportunities.

e. You pat yourself on the back and reward yourself for your more effective time management. You see how it was so natural. All you did was be more of yourself. 

f. Finally, you maintain a positive attitude and this sets you up for greater happiness and success. You become resourceful in your approach to achieving your goals.

Are these things you could use in your life now to better navigate change?

Be Your Best.
The rest follows.

Discover how you can better manage your time because you fully manage yourself to optimise your energy!
From the moment you integrate a more “holistic” approach to managing all the 6 aspects above, you notice how broader options of solutions arise as well as more doors open for opportunities to live your life purpose.

When you are ready for a personalized way to know yourself, manage yourself and your time, then hop over to Your Life Your Way Academy for life changing mini courses on how to be your best, on how to make change easy and on real self confidence. See you there.

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Diana Dentinger

If you meet me in person you will notice I have tons of energy. I have intuitively known my purpose ever since I was a kid in a huge family, wanting to figure out what made all my 250  relatives different from each other. This was the beginning of my search to find these answers.

For my Methodology I was Awarded Top 100 World Women Achievers 2018 called "A Woman of Substance" for the Creation of the Your Life Your Way™ Profile & Coaching, fruit of 20 years of rigorous research, study with top European Behaviour Experts and completion of my education as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic Illnesses.

I am a trendsetter, differentiating myself from traditional Corporate Trainers and Coaches, bringing lightness, play and metaphor creation into Strategic Success Planning as well as profound Science & Spirituality. I've been doing this in the Personal & Professional Development Industry since the end of the 1980's living in Italy raising my 4 children.
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