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3 Tough Truths about Strength Assessments: How Myers Briggs, DiSC, Enneagram & Human Design Limit Your Greater Potential

You might have taken one of the many mainstream Personality Tests or Assessments. And you might have thought how cool it was to read something that resonated with who you are. 

I was certified in most of these back in the 1990's using them as an identification tool to help my clients - mostly Corporate Teams - understand how to leverage their talents. 

But in 2000 I realised that these were outdated, inaccurate and actually misused, straying from their inventor's original intent. Plus, coming from a huge family, I knew people were more than 1 of 8 types. 
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Holding on to a "limited" description of who you are, discovered in the mainstream Strengths Assessments, actually keeps you from living your greatest potential. You begin to identify with that partial self recognition and possibly become complacent in identifying yourself as such.

These are a great first step to dive into personal development but should only be considered a starting point. 

When you research how, when and why these mainstream Assessments were invented, you realise how misused, and ineffective they are to support us in living in the 21st Century. The world was different back in the 1920's. You pretty much had a clear cut life path with very few options or variables. Now we have so much choice, maybe even too much for our nervous system which is why there is an increase in anxiety.

So not knowing who you are in your multi-faceted personality keeps you bundled up in a small box. It is only when you add greater awareness that the box "expands". Through your personal expansion, you are more resilient and resourceful. Remember, what limits you is not the government, not your employer, not your spouse, not your fears. You have the answers inside but in your busy, distraction filled life and in the worrisome ever changing world, you can't find your answers. There are layers of conditioning placed upon you since birth. It is what the game of life is about, making it challenging to discover who you are. We signed up for the game, we just need a more effective tool that helps us tap into our potential to create the life we desire. Creating this tool has been part of my life's work. 

1. The mainstream Assessments use NOUNS as  "labels" of the "types".  Nouns do NOTHING to catalyse change in your brain, your behaviour, your thoughts or your emotions. 

2. The descriptions in the mainstream Assessments are NOT "key worded" to activate the neurons in your frontal cortex giving you access to the image of you in your greater potential. They use mixed metaphors that actually "confuse" your brain instead of giving it the clarity. Your brain "runs your show" so an Assessment should utilise the latest research in Neuroscience instead of just archetypes.

3. Most mainstream Assessments use forced answer questions or ratings on a scale that scores your most predominant "type". You are told you are 1 of 8 types - meaning you are the same as 1/8 of the world population, therefore not a unique individual as your DNA or fingerprint would confirm. 


Diana Dentinger has carved out a niche for herself having created a Personality Profile and a 21st Century Coaching Methodology based on her experience as a Psychosomatic illness therapist. She uses her tools as a successful life coach, trainer, motivational speaker, mentor and corporate trainer. 

Her service is really a boom to those who want to come out, breaking the soporific, ho-hum life pattern to enjoy a more vibrant and motivated life. She has worked with many high level, multi millionaire entrepreneurs who have concretised their dreams in less time with less stress.

Now more than ever she extends her hands to those who feel stuck in life, those who feel incomplete, fed up, aimless, meaningless, purposeless and caged in at the verge of cannot take it any more.  Diana hears these “cries” from people of all ages and every social and economic level. Everyone has an inner yearning for a more energetic, enthusiastic and purpose driven life.

Diana is known for her services by those who feel an impending need for greater inner satisfaction. Many go through existential worries that sprout from a call to evolve. She is also known for her book "Modus Vivendi - Your Life Your Way" that includes her studies, experiences and insights. 

Q. What are various methods for personality discovery?

INTERVIEWER: The oldest is based on four fundamental personality types and the latest that of the Enneagram. In between there are plenty like Rorschach and Jung’s Archetypes to name a few. But you are renowned for the personality analysis based on neuroscience as you are a neurobiology therapist. We are eager to know what this neuroscience based personality discovery is?

DIANA: First let me help you become clear on what the older typing systems are about. They are called Psychometric tests and are mostly used in a job selection process to define the most suitable professional role based on the test results. The DiSC test started being used in the selection of male soldiers in WWII and the Myers Briggs test was used for the selection of women for factory jobs also at the same time.

How a person gets their results is by answering multiple choice questions about what they would do in different situations or a range of strongly disagree to strongly agree. The test takes about 15 minutes to fill out. Then algorithms elaborate a readout that describes a person’s predictable way of thinking and behaving. The limitation of these is the black and white categories of you being a type.

On internet they call them scientific but the only science involved is psychology coming from the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s research in archetypes back in the 1920’s. If a person were to retake the Psychometric test over time, there is a high percentage of unreliability, meaning the person get different results. Overall, they are a good first baby step into self knowing but the science community states they lack being reliable, valid, independent and comprehensive. It is just that they are still used in the governments and Fortune 500 companies so they have been and are still “popular”. People use what they know until they know something different.
You are so much more than 1 of 8 types! And yes, you have the answers inside when you tap into your full potential!
Diana Dentinger

Q. How is a Your Life Your Way Profile different?

DIANA: The main differences are as follows:
The Your Life Your Way™ Profile is based on who you are in your DNA. The science is that at conception you inherit emotional memory which resides also in your brain and in every cell of your body. This memory determines how you automatically respond to stress from your middle brain as well as how you fulfill your innate talents, information in your frontal cortex. The Profile was created by reverse engineering the root causes of psychosomatic illnesses shifting it into a way to stay healthy and fulfilled.

The Profile describes your set of innate Personality Needs in the 12 Facets of Complete Personality. These "Needs"drive your behaviour. They are the life force energy inside of you. The descriptions move you emotionally and in a subtle way, “reconnect” you instantly to your innate potential.

How you get your Profile is by filling out an open ended questionnaire. You describe yourself with your own words and we organise that information to know which Personality Need you have in which of the 12 Facets of Complete Personality.

So the limitation of the mainstream Assessments that we have overcome is the black and white category of you being either or one type. Personality is complex and we make that complexity very simple. As well as the Profile helps you be you, not just role. And who you are never changes, nor does the Profile. What changes is whether you are consciously expressing yourself in your greater potential or not. 

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Q. What are your tools to help people be their best?

DIANA: Yes, I often say this phrase that “you are so much more”. From a Personality perspective you are more than one type because there are many Facets of Personality. And from my research and experience, I integrate tools so you feel how you co-exist as a physical being with emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

Our basic human needs change because of innate developmental, physiological and psychological stages. This is the research of Jean Piaget back in the 1930’s in Switzerland that I find stand true today. From 21 to 35 years old, a person’s body and mental process is focused on finding their place in society, companionship and also reproducing. The phases afterwards (each lasting about 7 years) are less about going outwards in society and more about going inwards into existential answers. This is accentuated in the cycle from 42 to 49 commonly called mid life crisis.

The important thing to realize is that if you get the depth of inner knowing earlier about your potential, then you don’t have to enter into a crisis. You express this potential earlier allowing you to make better, more meaningful decisions for your life path, even in college. We work with clients starting at age 14 and see how their life unfolds in a more organic way true to who they are instead of cultural or family conditioning.

Q. Tell us more about Clarity, Confidence & Energy  

DIANA: We live in a very mental world so clarity of knowing is important. When you intellectually know, recognize and identify yourself as having an innate talent you feel more confident. Having clarity is key as it precedes confidence. You avoid second guessing or doubting yourself when you know.

What is missing in other Coaching Programs or Profiles is they are not founded on the scientific principles that we inherit emotional memory in our DNA at conception that become our Personality & Potential. The mainstream Assessments give you a piece of who "you think you are".

Instead, this Methodology helps you understand what recharges your energy so you fully live every aspect of who you are. This is "instantaneous" because of how the Profile is Key Word Coded so you have clear words and images of what it is like to be you. As well as there is an alignment of quantum light energy that enters your cells when you are being yourself.

From my perspective, we are spiritual beings here on earth to have a human experience. So this means that our experience is 3 dimensional and very practical. When we consistently “do” who we are, our energy vibrates on the 4th dimension or above because it is filled with joy and self love. The starting place is knowing who you are and doing who you are in a tangible way to create that higher energy vibration which, in my experience, is how the soul can more clearly “speak” to you to indicate ways to express yourself in a greater way ie. intuition or sixth sense.

I feel the younger generations will search for existential answers sooner because they are more socially aware and want to positively impact the world, to change it for the better. They know they have the “answers inside”, but since parents and teachers are not always prepared to “teach” them how to find these answers, then they need a tool to really believe deeply in themselves. I also feel that because the work world is changing so rapidly and unexpectedly, people of all ages will be searching for how to bounce back and become resourceful no matter what.

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Q. Is there a remedy for people hating their jobs?

DIANA: Personally, I feel many mainstream words used in Personal Development are overrated. We don’t all have to do something “great” or follow a calling. We just need to be our best selves more often and this will contribute to the greater good.
For me, much of the mainstream “hype” has inadvertently caused a lot of dissatisfaction. People are more confused than ever, asking themselves the wrong questions and comparing themselves to the people around them or people on internet.
When people consciously know themselves and their complete set of innate talents, they naturally feel resourceful and as an effect will be able to make money because they are offering more value being their "best". But many people are doing their jobs unconsciously. They don’t know what they put personally into doing it. So they can’t generate internal motivation to make it fulfilling. They only look for the external motivation of the paycheck. They look for a role, instead of finding who they are.
I also see there is too much judgement on what “living your potential” looks like. For years I was a stay home mom and it was seen as “bad” because I did not want to work out of the home. But I felt in that phase of my life, my potential was best dedicated to being with my children, transmitting to them my family values and teaching them things the schools would not.

We can take many examples of jobs, how about something "humble" like being a street cleaner. Maybe you have a “calling” to make the world beautiful and you do so by sweeping and picking up other people’s trash. Who are we to judge what is right or fulfilling for other people?
We are all here for a reason. And we can understand that more when we turn all the noise off from the outside telling us how to be and what to do. We have the answers inside. We just need to connect deeply to what we feel is best for us in every moment. We need the mental certainty that we are resourceful and the emotional connection to our potential. And this combination allows us to feel confident, to trust our inner guidance system which is correct.

Since creating the Personality Profile and Coaching Methodology back in 2004, I have seen how it has helped people in over 20 countries of the world tap into their inner knowing faster and more effectively. For me it is so rewarding and for them so fulfilling.

Whoever is ready to know themselves deeply in a fun way can join a DIY Course such as the BEST YOU YET with the Complete Personality Profile, or a DIY Course with a Partial Personality Profile like BOUNCE BACK. Our mission & vision is to help people worldwide have a more meaningful life by offering personal empowerment at prices most can afford. 

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Diana Dentinger

If you meet me in person you will notice I have tons of energy. I have intuitively known my purpose ever since I was a kid in a huge family, wanting to figure out what made all my 250 blood relatives different from each other. This was the beginning of my search to find these answers.
For my Methodology I was Awarded Top 100 World Women Achievers 2018 called "A Woman of Substance" for the Creation of the Your Life Your Way™ Profile & Coaching, fruit of 20 years of rigorous research, study with top European Behaviour Experts and completion of my education as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic Illnesses. At heart, I am a Science nerd. 
I am a trendsetter, differentiating myself from traditional Corporate Trainers and Coaches, bringing lightness, play and metaphor creation into Strategic Success Planning as well as profound Science & Spirituality. I've been doing this in the Personal & Professional Development Industry since the end of the 1980's living in Italy raising my 4 children.
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