Real & Unwavering Self Confidence

Have you ever paused to consider how your life might transform with an infusion of self-confidence? Imagine the possibilities if you no longer waited for external approval, if you confidently navigated life aligned with your true essence. Real & Unwavering Self Confidence is a 4 Week Group Online Workshop with Live Q&A Calls meticulously designed to guide you from a place of uncertainty to one of profound self-assurance and trust in your inner compass.
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 VALUED AT $1237 - TODAY ONLY $47 (INR 2500 for Residents of India - Enroll with Peace Hub).

The High Cost of Living in Doubt

Without Self Confidence

You may find yourself seeking validation, leading to a cycle of people-pleasing and neglecting your own needs.

Without Self Confidence

Your self-worth becomes entangled in others' perceptions, making it challenging to accept praise or acknowledge your achievements.

Without Self Confidence

Decisions become daunting, as you compare your path with others, unsure of your own direction.

Without Self Confidence

You don't have boundaries and feel you have little control over your life.
Even when you do something you are proud of you can't accept compliments.

Self Doubt can be a Habit that's hard to break.

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Break the Cycle of Self Doubt

It's time to transcend these limitations. Self-doubt can become a pervasive habit, but "Unwavering Self Confidence" offers the strategies and support to break free, ensuring that low self-esteem no longer dictates your vibrational energy.

Real & Unwavering Self Confidence is more than a course; it's a gateway to a life where you stand firm in your decisions, live in harmony with your desires, and embrace opportunities with open arms. It's about being the best version of yourself, and watching as the rest falls into place.
  • Your Journey Begins now. Read about What You Get!

As Seen & Heard on around the World

Diana Dentinger, the innovator behind this cutting-edge methodology, has been recognized across more than 200 media outlets in the past decade. Her mission is to transform the Coaching & Training Industry, ensuring that individuals gain definitive insights into their identity and purpose. This foundational understanding empowers them to flourish in any environment worldwide.

Top 100 Women Achievers

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Teaching Leading Edge Tools

Since 2018 with Peace Hub in Kerala

How this Methodology shifts things for You?

This is NOT about Working on Yourself!

Nor breaking through limiting beliefs, nor inner child work, nor mindset shifting, nor healing the past, nor changing your story nor the other thousands of  "band aids" offered in the self help industry to try to make you feel a little better.
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This IS about Playing with Your Personality

This Methodology goes way beyond others because it is based on leading edge Neurobiology. Your Personality Potential is in your DNA at conception. AND Your unique Personality Profile reconnects you to that information. This is holistic so your body, brain and soul feel light. It is fun, freeing and fulfilling to finally KNOW YOURSELF.

What to expect in the 4 Week Workshop

- 01

Energy & Health Through Confidence

Unlock the secrets to wielding your energy in empowering ways, enhancing your well-being and positioning yourself where you truly belong.
- 02

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Build a trusted relationship with your intuition and higher consciousness, allowing your authentic self to shine and simplifying your journey.
- 03

Trusting Your Own Inner Knowing

Free yourself from the shackles of seeking external validation. Embrace the strength that comes from self-belief and watch as the world opens up to you.

- 04

Living Fearlessly to Go After Your Dreams

Learn the tools to navigate life with ease and grace, radiating your inner beauty outwardly and living in a flow of synchronicity.

The First Call on April 18th


Praise from High Level Professionals for the Your Life Your Way™ Profile & Methodology

What You get in the Self Confidence Workshop

Your Own 20 page 3 Core Needs Personality Profile Manual with Exercises

The foundational tool in the Your Life Your Way™ Methodology is your Readout with emotionally moving and practical descriptions of your Unique Personality Needs. VALUED AT $97
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A 9 Part Masterclass Video Training

Follow along in a simple process to step into your greater potential, find solutions to current desires and struggles so you feel clearer, more confident and energized!!! VALUED AT $295

The Boost Self Confidence Manual with Exercises

The foundational tool in the Your Life Your Way™ Methodology is your Readout with emotionally moving and practical descriptions of your Unique Personality Needs. VALUED AT $95
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4 Weekly Live Q&A Calls with Diana Dentinger of 1.5 hrs

Follow along in a simple process to step into your greater potential, find solutions to current desires and struggles so you feel clearer, more confident and energized!!! VALUED AT $750

Here's what People like You say about this Process


Natalie Jane Wood

"I got the profile and I got hooked. Because getting the profile back, it was a striking moment. It's like getting a mirror. Reading the words that describe you, it's like somebody put the mirror in front of you which you hadn't looked at for a long time... something bringing out the best in me...."
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Dr. Pratima Shah

"When I was reading the Personality Profile, I felt as if you knew me more than my parents ever did... It was so overwhelming I was literally crying when I was reading it..."
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 Gillian Hipp

"This Methodology found a spare puzzle piece that I hadn't been aware of in my Personality. Actually it was the missing piece that's not been there for my whole life. Now it's fully integrated and it's given me confidence..."
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Mopani MK

"What happened when I learned this, then suddenly I had a lot more energy. I started to feel good naturally... I managed to increase my income by over 58%... Why? Because my peak performance energy went up! I feel good! Definitely look into this."
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Paulo Fernandes

"Diana has a capacity of looking into you. She's a lovely person, amazing. I know a lot of people in the Coaching world, but she's special. Because I think she has tools that nobody has. Diana really is one of the best people I know in terms of Coaching, in terms of getting you to another level."
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What You do during the Self Confidence Workshop

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First 7 Days

You prepare for greater Self Confidence by filling out the Reflections &  Questionnaire.
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Days 7 - 14

You have your PDF Personality Profile & begin exploring who you are in your Inner Personality Need.
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Days 14 - 21

Next you dive into your Personal Project Need to inner-stand what more you are here to do in life.
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Days 21 - 28

Finally you connect with your Personality Plus Need to assist you in fulfilling your other Needs.

Transform Your Inner Dialogue & Outer Life

Participants of "Unwavering Self Confidence" find themselves equipped not only to make decisions with confidence but to approach life with a renewed sense of vitality and purpose. They learn that self-confidence is not about arrogance or selfishness; it's about living in harmony with one's deepest desires and potentials, paving the way for a life of fulfillment and success.
  • Your Own Pdf Profile
  • 3 Personality Videos
  • 7 Masterclass Trainings
  • 4 Live Q&A Calls with Diana
Calls are recorded so you can always submit your question then catch the replay uploaded in the membership site.

From Self Doubt to Self Assurance

Break free from the internal narratives that hold you back. Learn to trust your inner GPS, making decisions with clarity and conviction.

Connect with Your Real Core Essence

Discover the essence of who you are. This workshop peels back the layers, allowing you to connect with and express your true self in every aspect of life.


Diana Dentinger

When you meet me, you'll notice right away that I'm full of energy. Ever since I was a kid, growing up in a big family of 250, I've always been fascinated by what makes each of us unique. It was like living in a giant puzzle, each piece different and special in its own way. That curiosity kicked off my quest to dig deeper into what makes people tick.

This passion of mine led to the creation of the Your Life Your Way™ Profile & Coaching, which is the fruit of over 20 years of diving deep into research, studying with some of the best behavior experts in Europe, and wrapping up my education as a neurobiology therapist for psychosomatic illnesses. All this hard work and dedication paid off when I was named one of the Top 100 World Women Achievers in 2018, getting the title "A Woman of Substance".

I like to think of myself as a bit of a trailblazer, not your typical Corporate Trainer or Coach. I love bringing a sense of fun, creativity, and the use of metaphors into Strategic Success Planning, all while weaving together the threads of Science and Spirituality. I've been mixing up the formula in the Personal & Professional Development Industry since the late '80s, all while living in Italy and raising my four wonderful children.
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I Cheer You on so You  Tap into a More Empowered You

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Know Yourself better to make the best decisions.
Sure, it's nice to be appreciated, but with confidence you don't need other people's acceptance for you to live fully. Sure, it's great to want to "make other's happy" but you can do it confidently your way without draining your energy.  Sure, it's great to feel respected or get paid "what you are worth" but it's better to live without the imposter syndrome because you know you deserve the best and more!

Happiness on Your Terms without needing to please.

This is a first step to feel more empowered, a woman's way, & to live in a synchronistic flow of ease and grace. Confidence is a significant part of your overall well-being. When you have confidence, you will thrive in all areas of your life, including your career, relationships, interactions with others, as well as helping with your self-image. Get precise and profound answers with the Your Life Your Way™ Personality Profile.

A Walk Through Video of the Course Contents

  • Your own Membership Portal Access with DIY Trainings to do at your own pace.
  • Easy to download Pdf's and Course sequence plus messaging for questions.
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The 3 Simple Steps to Get Started Now.
The First Live Call is on April 18th, 2024.

In a world where uncertainty is the only certainty, knowing and trusting yourself is the key to navigating the future with confidence. This workshop doesn't just provide temporary fixes; it offers a transformational shift towards living a life defined by strength, purpose, and joy.

1. Access the Membership & Questionnaire

2. Get Your PDF Profile via Email & Read it

3. Watch the DIY Video Trainings before the Calls

Your Self Confidence Journey Begins Now

#Know Yourself | #Be Yourself | #Enjoy Life

Are you ready to embrace a life of energy, clarity, and purpose? To cast aside the doubts that have held you back and step into a realm of endless possibilities? Join us in "Unwavering Self Confidence" and start living the life you were meant to lead. This is your moment to transform self-doubt into unwavering self-belief. See you in the course!
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