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Discover Your Best Career Fit in this Personality Quiz

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"I learned more about myself in 2 days of Coaching with Diana than in 8 UPW's over 4 years. I was even part of the organisational partners for the UPW's of Robbins. Now with Your Life Your Way™ I finally have real answers for how to reach success on my terms. I have improved my business and partner relationship!"
Callum Bridgeford Rice
CEO, Online Health Store, UK
"Diana's style feels like you are sitting down with her and having a friendly discussion rather than getting a lecture on making a life adjustment. The "Your Life Your Way" is key...nobody is going to do it for you. I think anybody could get a benefit from Diana's methodology. She is well versed in putting forth a prescription that taps the individual's self motivation."
CEO Human Resources, USA
"Diana has an amazing ability to connect, inspire and teach people how to truly be their most authentic self and to live an amazingly simple and exciting life. My experience with her and Your Life Your Way™ has been and continues to be impactful and life altering. It will help you live and move through your life freely with a silent yet bold sense of confidence"
Leadership Coach, USA

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Discover Your Best Career Fit in this Personality Quiz


Diana Dentinger

If you meet me in person you will notice I have tons of energy. I have intuitively known my purpose ever since I was a kid in a huge family, wanting to figure out what made all my 250 blood relatives different from each other. This was the beginning of my search to find these answers.
For my Methodology I was Awarded Top 100 World Women Achievers 2018 called "A Woman of Substance" for the Creation of the Your Life Your Way™ Profile & Coaching, fruit of 20 years of rigorous research, study with top European Behaviour Experts and completion of my education as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic Illnesses. At heart, I am a Science nerd. 
I am a trendsetter, differentiating myself from traditional Corporate Trainers and Coaches, bringing lightness, play and metaphor creation into Strategic Success Planning as well as profound Science & Spirituality. I've been doing this in the Personal & Professional Development Industry since the end of the 1980's living in Italy raising my 4 children.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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