Quick Relief from Imposter Syndrome

Ever feel like a fraud in your own life? Like you're just waiting for someone to pull back the curtain and reveal you're not all you're cracked up to be? You're not alone.

But here's the kicker: that feeling? It's not the real you. It's time to ditch the doubt and step into your authentic self with Quick Relief from Imposter Syndrome.
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Signs you might have some "Imposter Syndrome"

Feeling inadequate & disappointed when falling short of your goals.

You might, deep down, wonder if you are the right person in the right place or not!

Downplaying your skills or denying  praise for a job well done.

You might shy away from compliments or worry about showcasing your value.

Stressing to stay on top of it all, perfectionism and fear of failure.

You might feel the pressure to perform at all times which builds anxiety.

In a nutshell, fearful of being discovered a fraud!

It's high time to kick "Imposter Syndrome" to the curb and embrace the unfiltered and real you.

  • Keeping It Real: You're Not an Imposter, You're Just Not Feeling Yourself

    Now, let's get to the heart of the matter. Feeling like an "imposter" is basically code for not feeling real, authentic, or genuine. But here's a radical idea: instead of wallowing in self-doubt, how about we focus on discovering who we really are? Peel back the layers of labels, expectations, and societal pressures, and meet the real you.
  • The Ultimate Game-Changer: Knowing the Real You to Live Authentically

    Here's where the magic happens. The only real way to kick those "imposter" vibes to the curb is to dive deep and get to know the authentic you. We're talking about a full-on exploration of your personality, your needs, and what makes you tick. It's about aligning your outer world with your inner self, so every step you take and every move you make feels right.

What you'll find inside?

You're done with just getting by. You're ready to tear down the façade and reveal the masterpiece beneath. This isn't your garden-variety mindfulness course. No, Quick Relief from Imposter Syndrome cuts deeper, merging the latest in DNA insights with personality profiling to unlock the real you.

Step 1: Discover the Real You

Inside, you'll find a proven process to identify your innate talents and strengths to develop greater self confidence. This gives you access to more energy and excitement to be the real you.

Step 2: Move Beyond Mindset

Dive into this life changing approach. It focuses not on mindset but on embracing and understanding your intrinsic value. Learn to feel your way through life, expressing your best self.

Step 3: Master Your Time & Energy

Distinguish between the drama reruns of emotional memory and your authentic responses. Enhance your existing opportunities with practical tips for pursuing even better ones.

As Seen & Heard On around the World

This leading edge Methodology has been featured in over 200 media channels in the past 10 years. I am here to evolve the Coaching & Training Industry as well as Education Systems so individuals have clear answers about who they are and why they are here.

Why this Methodology Works?

By going beyond superficial self-help and mainstream mindset adjustments, Quick Relief from Imposter Syndrome taps into the science of who you are. Understanding your DNA's influence on your personality and emotional memory gives you the power to rewrite your narrative. This isn't about pretending to be someone you're not. It's about fully embracing and living as the incredible person you are.

Hi, I'm Diana Dentinger

I'm your behind-the-scenes guide to bringing out your best self. Back in 1985 I started my career as an Entrepreneur, Corporate Team Building Trainer and Executive Coach.

Since then, I've been on a mission to design programs that are not just quick and enjoyable but outrageously effective. Whether you're navigating the choppy waters of personal growth or seeking a spiritual compass, I've got something for you.

After 5 years of rigorous study in 2004, I become a Psychosomatic Illness therapist with a depth of experience no one in my Industry has.    Along with a toolbox of other methodologies, I set out to unravel the mysteries of why it is so hard to be our REAL selves.

Reverse engineering the research and experimenting the power, I was able to create the Personality & Needs Profile® and Your Life Your Way Coaching Methodologies. These landed me the Top 100 Women Achievers Award in 2018.

I have lived in northern Italy raising my 4 children since after graduating from Miami University of Ohio in 1984.
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