Your 5th Generation Time Management Masterclasses

Managing Yourself & Your Time is the key to creating the life you desire. Learn how to Increase your Self Confidence & Energy by Pre-Planning Your Time based on Your Needs. See you inside!
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1. As a FOLLOW UP to the BEST YOU YET COURSE to feel purposeful in everything you do daily even in the most routine tasks for only $67! 
2. Or as a BUNDLE with the BEST YOU YET COURSE if you have not gotten your Complete Personality Profile & the fun Masterclass Trainings to integrate all your Needs for only $87.

How do you really want to "spend" your time?

Invested in myself & my health and wellbeing 

What are you if you are not full of energy and healthy? Taking care of yourself requires time and it goes beyond just the once in a while visit to the spa. Breathing, exercising and preparing good meals (plus the shopping for ingredients) all take time. There are short cuts, but you must make yourself a priority in your weekly routine.

Invested in my important relationships

You might be single or have a big family like me. You might live close to relatives or on the other side of the world (again like me). No matter where you live our how many "important" people for you are in your life, taking time to have heart felt conversations is what makes every relationship blossom into being wonderful.

Invested in doing what most matters to me

We are raised in a society that says to chase your dreams and pushes us to achieve more to buy more and get more. But most of my clients have felt this distanced them from their Life Purpose. There must be some "meaning in this madness" they say. Yes, when you connect deeply to who you are, the answers inside you emerge.

Tools to Help You Get More Life out of Life! 

  • PDF Manual
  • Personality Game Board
  • 3 Masterclass Trainings
  • Pre Planner Manual

Fulfill Your Needs in every task in your daily routine 

The Your Life Your Way™ Personality Profile gives you the descriptions of who you are, your innate talents and potential. In this Series, you want to put yourself into everything you do. A task is "neutral" but by doing it "your way" you add more meaning and follow your flow for better an faster results.

Feel Excited when waking up and satisfied going to bed

For sure there are things that you must finish daily that are not super exciting, but you can always add your flair and flavour to make them so. In these Masterclasses you revisit your Personality Profile through a highly effective Pre Planning Process to ensure you are getting the most out of your time, being your best.

What Successful Professionals Say about working with Diana & Your Life Your Way™ Methodology

"This program is astounding. Even my wife, sister and children got coached. Everyone needs Your Life Your Way Coaching. Diana, thanks for making it accessible to more people!"
Miguel Ribeiro Ferreira
Shark Tank Judge, Portugal
"Treat yourself to time with Diana and watch magic happen! She has simplified a complex topic and gives you practical and fun ways to integrate and implement what you discover about your true north."
CEO, Her Company Inc., USA
"I got more out of 2 days with Diana than in 8 UPW's. I was even involved in the organisation of Robbin's events. This is just what I was looking for in my own Personal and Professional Development.”
Callum Bridgeford-Brice
CEO, No. 1 Heath Store, UK

The Most Specialised Course to Become More Productive & Successful Your Way

Walkthrough of the 5th Generation Time Mgmt

You will be amazed at how easy it is to manage yourself, your emotions and your time to fulfill your dreams and desires. Start with this step by step process to get more life out of your day. It is fun!
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because you deserve the best

The Advanced Learnings in the 5th Generation Time Management Course

Your Workbook Manual

After the Best You Yet Course, you continue with your Complete Personality Needs and the Amazing Pre-Planner plus Pre Planning Process that you learn in the Masterclasses to put more "you" into your day to day for greater satisfaction and fulfillment plus success and happiness. VALUED AT $97
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Step by Step Process

Time has been called your most valuable resource. Learn how to get the most out of your time by PRE PLANNING yourself and your Needs into your day. This is a leading edge approach to managing time. Do it once and it lasts forever! VALUED AT $297

Join the 5th Generation Time Management Course

A FOLLOW UP to the BEST YOU YET COURSE so you get the most "value" out of what you do daily even in the most routine tasks! Or get the BUNDLE with the BEST YOU YET COURSE if you have not gotten your Complete Personality Profile & the fun Masterclass Trainings to integrate all your Needs. TOTAL VALUE $394 - TODAY $67.
  • Video Trainings
  • Follow Along Manual
  • 2 hours to complete
We have a no refund policy because it is our belief that this creates an excuse for people to not take action and commit fully to their Personal & Professional Development. In each course, you get your personalised Profile Readout which has immense value in itself along with the Masterclass Trainings. Investing this low fee and some of your time will save you tons of energy drain on hesitation, procrastination or analysis paralysis.
Know Yourself

They say it. We teach it.

We offer you practical answers to age old existential questions. Be your best by knowing yourself.

Diana Dentinger

If you meet me in person you will notice I have tons of energy. I have intuitively known my purpose ever since I was a kid in a huge family, wanting to figure out what made all my 250 blood relatives different from each other. This was the beginning of my search to find these answers.

For my Methodology I was Awarded Top 100 World Women Achievers 2018 called "A Woman of Substance" for the Creation of the Your Life Your Way™ Profile & Coaching, fruit of 20 years of rigorous research, study with top European Behaviour Experts and completion of my education as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic Illnesses. At heart, I am a Science nerd. 

I am a trendsetter, differentiating myself from traditional Corporate Trainers and Coaches, bringing lightness, play and metaphor creation into Strategic Success Planning as well as profound Science & Spirituality. I've been doing this in the Personal & Professional Development Industry since the end of the 1980's living in Italy raising my 4 children.
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