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For people of all ages, professions & backgrounds

Middle Agers transitioning to Create more Fulfillment

"I got the profile and I got hooked. Because getting the profile back, it was a striking moment. It's like getting a mirror. Reading the words that describe you, it's like somebody put the mirror in front of you which you hadn't looked at for a long time... here was something bringing out the best in me...."
Int'L Business mgr, SWITzerland

Teenagers refining What to Study at College

"This program is astounding. Even my wife, sister and children got coached. Everyone needs Your Life Your Way Coaching. Diana, thanks for making it accessible to more people!" 

Millennials desiring Success on their Terms

"What happened when I learned this, then suddenly I had a lot more energy. I started to feel good naturally... I managed to increase my income by over 58%... Why? Because my peak performance energy went up! I feel good! Definitely look into this."

Coaches needing the most Advanced Tools

"So useful to know that my 'preferences' are in fact 'needs' - and now recognised I can take responsibility for meeting them. I foresee this becoming part of the core training for coaches, counselours and therapists. Essential for parents, teachers and everyone who works with people, and everyone who wants a better understanding of themselves. Excellent!"

Our Mission and Vision:
A more meaningful life for the many providing personalised & empowering programs for people of all ages at prices most can afford.

The Your Life Your Way Academy of Diana Dentinger is dedicated to creating the most effective personal & professional development programs. We feel our contribution to social change is to raise conscious awareness & support people with personalised tools to evolve into the best version of who they are meant to be.

Meet "Your Life, Your Way"

This Methodology will reveal and organise what you know about yourself, but can't fully explain or be to the fullest.
Based on leading edge Neuroscience, the Personality Profile, as the main tool,  and the proven process guide you in the fastest, most fun and effective way to step into your greater potential. With this connection to your inner GPS you are better able to make the best decisions for your life. Most DIY Courses can be completed within 1.5 to 4 hours of Training videos & self reflection exercises. 

Meet Beatriz

Meet Viktor

Meet Alysia

It's easier than ever before to overcome challenges and create a life you love

In each of our courses you get either your Partial or Complete Your Life Your Way™ Personality Profile so you stop wasting time on figuring yourself out! 

Now more than ever, with the rapid changes in our social and work contexts, we all need support. At Your Life Your Way Academy, we are here to help you adapt quicker and make the best decisions for your future so you exponentially improve yourself, your life, relationships and career. It's time to tap into the leader inside of you that knows what is best. 
Diana Dentinger
THE Your Life Your Way™ Methodology

Here's Why this is Highly Transformational 

Diana Dentinger
Your Trainer, Coach & More
The Creator & Founder
If you meet me in person you will notice I have tons of energy. I have intuitively known my purpose ever since I was a kid in a huge family, wanting to figure out what made all my 250 blood relatives different from each other. This was the beginning of my search to find these answers. For the Creation of the Your Life Your Way™ Coaching Methodology I was Awarded Top 100 World Women Achievers 2018 called "A Woman of Substance". It is fruit of 20 years of rigorous research, study with top European Behaviour Experts and completion of my education as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic Illnesses. At heart, I am a Science nerd. 
Your Unique Personality Readout & Playbook
The depth of Study to Be Yourself
After my BA degree in Marketing at Miami University of Ohio, my studies, research & certifications include: Enneagram, DiSC, We Care, Myers Briggs, Strength Finders, Cross Cultural Behaviour of Geert Hofstede, Family Constellations of Bert Hellinger, Ancestor Syndrome of Anne Schuetzenberger, Complex Thought of Henri Laborit, Psychodrama, Metamedicine, Physiognomy, Astrology, Graphology, Numerology, Hand Reading Analysis, Psicomagia of Alejandro Jodorowski, Clean Language of Davide Grove, Metaphor Creation, Reiki, Bach Flowers, Dowsing, Thetahealing, Transpersonal Genealogy, Neurophysiology, Epigenetics, ClusterMedizin and more from many branches.
Evolve by Playing with Your Innate Personality
Why work on yourself?!
All these researchers have contributed to the evolution of helping people know who they are. My addition is to add lightness and curiosity as would  children. I am a trained Neurobiology therapist to unblock the root causes of Psychosomatic Illnesses also specialised in Symbology of the Brain and Etymology for Key Wording. Reverse engineering these processes, I created the Your Life Your Way™ Coaching Methodology & Personality & Needs Profile® to primarily help people prevent the predictable illnesses programmed in their DNA at conception. These develop because a person is disconnected from and not behaving as Who they really are! Start today getting your Profile for more fun being who you are. Then watch how your life changes for the better.

As Seen & Heard On around the World

Our leading edge Methodology has been featured in over 200 media channels in the past 5 years. We are here to evolve the Coaching & Training Industry as well as Education Systems so individuals have clear answers about who they are and why they are here.  

How people just like you have up levelled their happiness!

Sai Ramya

Life Skills Trainer, India
"I have attended many workshops and heard so many coaching styles, patterns and topics, but none of them is as unique as yours. Your coaching is so tailor made for each and every individual. 
If knowledge is power, self knowledge and awareness is the ultimate light and power. I am really glad I met you. My heartfelt thanks!"

Ariella Forstein

Vocal Coach, TedX Speaker, USA
"Diana is a kind, wise, intuitive & insightful guide. I love her powerful passion that flows through her work, spreading to her clients, enabling them to thrive in all avenues of life. Diana helped me bring out my inner child to support my life’s purpose. If you decide to work with Diana, you are in for a joy ride that will change your world for the better!"

Vitoria Castro

Video Marketing Mastery, USA
"Diana represents the change that I so desperately needed. Before coaching with Diana I was very confused about who I really was, sad and with no enthusiasm for life, doing everything robotically, even the things that I once loved doing. She Helped me rediscover myself. Amazingly she knew so much more about me than I actually ever did."

Patricia Gozlan

"This process is life changing. When I worked with Diana, I remembered my fuller potential and connected deeper with my purpose. It is as if the things that were once blurred came into consciousness and allowed me to thrive gracefully. She is both a professional I highly admire as well as become a great friend."

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